How a Charleston Motor Scooter Accident Attorney Could Help

If you or someone you love were injured in a motor scooter accident, learning how a Charleston motor scooter accident attorney could help could prove invaluable. Attorneys with similar casework experience could make a claim and hold negligent parties accountable with the goal of obtaining compensation for your losses.

How Lawyers Help Victims of Motor Scooter Wrecks

A motor scooter accident is much like any other type of motor vehicle accident. When the accident occurs, many factors go into proving the case which could be quite complex. Factors could include anything from liability to damages. Liability means proving who is at fault for the accident, and damages are all of the losses and harms that are identified and quantified that occurred to the injured party as a result of the accident.

Experienced attorneys need to identify the appropriate parties and ensure that there is proper insurance. They identify the witnesses and make sure physical evidence is collected properly with testimony, photographs, and other evidence to prove the other person is at fault for the accident. Attorneys often meet with doctors to get the proper medical opinions, and work with other experts to determine wage loss, future medical bills, and the approximate value of a victim’s claim.

How Complex Are Motor Scooter Accident Cases?

Motorcycle and motor scooter accident cases are quite complex even though it there is only one or two or more vehicles colliding with each other. When a motorbike is involved, the damage that occurs from these accidents can be quite catastrophic.

At the level of injury and loss, there is a great deal of tedious work to prove the liability, identify who is at fault, and prove the damages. Even when it is obvious to victims which party is at fault, people take positions that may or may not be valid. Nobody seems to want to take personal responsibility or pay for the harm they caused. Motor scooter cases can be quite contentious and require skilled and detailed legal work to lead to a successful conclusion.

Available Claims After a Motor Scooter Wreck

While not an inclusive list, the claims can be against another car, scooter, motorcycle, or other vehicle. The claim is against the at-fault party who caused the accident.

In addition to the at-fault party, the scooter driver may be able to make claims against their own insurance company for uninsured motorist coverage that is available when the other driver that caused the accident is uninsured. By law, drivers are supposed to be insured, but some people drive around without insurance. South Carolina recognizes that and there is an uninsured motorist claim.

An underinsured motorist claim could involve a situation where the at-fault driver has low coverage or not enough coverage to cover the injuries and damages incurred as a result of the accident. In those instances, when the scooter driver has underinsured motorist coverage, they could go after the underinsured motorist to supplement and add to the policy or money available from the at-fault driver.

What Are Some Other Causes of Motor Scooter Wrecks?

In certain instances, there may be some type of road defect, engineering defect, something wrong with the light pattern at an intersection, or other issues. Third parties may be liable or responsible for causing the accident or contributing in part to the accident.

An experienced accident attorney methodically examines all of the possibilities to identify the coverage that might be available and makes sure that all available coverage is identified. They also prove the fault of the party or parties responsible for causing the injuries. The attorney quantifies and calculates the damages and presents them in the most favorable light to the injured party to obtain reimbursement for the injured party for all of their damages.

Differences Between Motor Scooter and Motorcycle Accident Cases

There can be some differences, but for the most part same elements are involved and include:

  • Duty
  • Breach
  • Causation
  • Damages

These elements have to be proved. If a driver violates their duty, and the breach of that duty leads to and is causally linked to damages that occurred to the injured party, they could be held responsible. Proving the four elements: the duty and the breach of that duty that it is causally related to the damages make up a personal injury case that needs to be pursued.

Learn More About How a Charleston Lawyer Could Help Motor Scooter Accident Victims

Many victims often wonder how a Charleston motor scooter accident attorney could help them make a recovery. With the right legal help, attorneys could shoulder the burden of a civil claim and work to hold negligent parties accountable for your injuries. Reach out today.






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