Safety and Preventative Measures in Charleston Motorcycle Accidents

Because safety and preventative measures in Charleston motorcycle accidents are so critical for drivers everywhere, it is important for drivers to take very step possible to ensure that they give everyone on the road the care they deserve. When drivers neglect to care for others, the subsequent accidents could hold them liable for the damages they cause.

If you were harmed by a negligent driver, then you need to speak with a dedicated motorcycle accident lawyer for help today.

Safety Measures to Prevent Motorcycle Wrecks

There are a number of steps that everyone should take when operating a vehicle. People should take care to keep a proper lookout and respect the conditions of the roads. With regards to motorcyclists, they have to be extra alert. Many drivers do not give motorbikers the standard of care they need which could lead to an accident.

For whatever reason, drivers in cars tend to just not see others when they are on motorcycles, bicycles, or mopeds. To counter this lack of awareness, many bikers tend to practice defensive driving, try to anticipate the erratic behavior of car drivers, and stay on high alert themselves.

Inspective a Vehicle Before Driving

Most people probably do not do this, but if they are a tractor-trailer driver, they are required by federal law to go through a pre-trip safety inspection list to make sure their tires and brakes are operating properly and so forth. You do not see many motorcycle or car riders do that, but they should.

Should a motorcyclist, or any driver for that matter, not take the time to properly inspect their brakes, lights, or tires, they could be creating a situation where other people are placed in unnecessary and preventable danger.

Just going through a little pre-trip inspection to make sure everything is in working and operating order and does not need repair is a wise thing to do and can help bring down the chances of having a bad accident.

Hand Signals for Drivers

If someone is on a vehicle, a bicycle, motorcycle, moped or whatever it may be, and they do not have properly-working lights, then they should use the internationally and nationally standardized signals for making a right-hand turn or a left-hand turn or stopping.

Whenever they make a left-hand turn, they should stick their left arm out. When they make a right-hand turn, they should take their left arm and they hold it in the 90-degree upward position. When they’re going to stop, they do that same left arm and they point it downward in a 90-degree position. That is pretty well-known, but it is what they do if they use hand signals when operating any type of motor vehicle that does not have properly working lights or signals.

Motorcyclists Who Use Hand Signals

Empirically, by watching and observing motorcyclists and bicyclists in Charleston, and even in people in golf carts, people are very good about hand signals here.

We see a lot of people using these signals, and are impressed because whether it is a teenager driving or an adult, sometimes people think they are too cool for school and it does not apply to them, or they are not going to use hand signals because they are lazy. There are people not wanting to follow those basic rules, but we are pleasantly surprised to say that we see a lot of people are doing it. There have been good attitudes here in the low-country in Charleston.

Accidents Regarding The Use of Signaling

If someone does not use proper signals—if they do not have working signals properly on their motorcycle, then if they do not use the signals when they make a left-hand turn, those other drivers are not going to have any idea of their next move. If those drivers are following too closely, for example, and they do not let them know or signal that they are going to be making a turn, left or right, many times they will just run into the back of them when they start to slow down and then stop to make a turn.

Learn More about Safety and Proactive Measures in Charleston Motorcycle Accidents

When a driver does not take the safety and preventative measures in Charleston motorcycle accidents seriously, they place other motorists in serious risk of harm. If a wreck is caused because of this lapse of judgement, the subsequent injuries victims are left with are understandably overwhelming.

If you were harmed because of a negligent motorist, it may be time to consider a lawsuit to recover compensation that can be used to address your medical needs. Call an attorney today to see what could be done and for a confidential consultation.


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