A Tribute to an Amazing Woman

I was raised by a phenomenal woman, my mother, Vivian, and although she passed away in 2002, I still take time every Mother's Day to acknowledge the profound influence she had on the man, husband, father, and attorney I am today. She was and continues to be ... CONTINUE READING

Check Out One of Our Recent Settlements!

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) involve damage to the skull or the brain, which is caused by some type of physical force. Sadly, these kinds of impairments happen more frequently in South Carolina than one might think. In fact, according to the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC), an average of 1,117 deaths, 2,800 hospital discharges, and 11,500 emergency room visits occur each... CONTINUE READING

Brave Little Cher Ami

Long before the invention of radios and cellphones, homing pigeons were used to send messages as early as the sixth century. During World War I, war pigeons carried lifesaving messages past enemy lines for the American and French armies, often being wounded in the process. In 1918, Cher Ami, a black check hen used by the U.S. Signal Corps, became the most famous ... CONTINUE READING

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