What's on Your Wish List for 2019?

While most people take the month of January to record their resolutions for the upcoming year, I've structured my goal-setting process slightly different. Instead of waiting for the new year to kick off, I view December as the optimal time for evaluation and foresight ... CONTINUE READING

Don't Fall Prey to These Myths

When cold winter temperatures combine with weeks of rain, the possibility of slipping and falling increases. Even if you are an expert at dodging all the puddles from your car to your office, once you get inside the front door, you can still slip on the water brought in on the bottom of a coworker's shoe. For this reason ... CONTINUE READING

What Happens to Military Service Dogs?

There are around 2,500 military working dogs currently in service, and their efforts help save the lives of countless soldiers and civilians every day. One of these brave military dogs is Sgt. Fieldy, an 11-year-old black lab who was trained to locate the No. 1 threat in Afghanistan: IEDs. Sgt. Fieldy was deployed to Afghanistan with his handler, Cpl. Nicolas Caceres, in 2011 ... CONTINUE READING

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