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Injuries occur in the workplace every day and state level laws exist to provide monetary benefits for most of these workplace injuries. South Carolina workers’ compensation benefits may be available for a wide range of injuries that occur in the workplace but proving that certain injuries actually were workplace-related can be complicated.

If you were injured while on the job, contact a reputable Sumter workers’ compensation lawyer today. A workers’ compensation attorney can help evaluate your case to prove that your injuries were, in fact, work-related. Throughout the claims process, a competent injury lawyer can advocate for your right to recover workers’ compensation benefits for those injuries.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Sumter Employees

Under South Carolina law, almost all individuals are entitled to receive compensation for injuries that happen in the workplace. Very specific exceptions exist for employees of certain small employers, and some agricultural and railroad employees.

Under South Carolina workers’ compensation rules, an injury occurs within the workplace if it occurs within the “course and scope” of the individual’s job, even if it is not one sudden event or accident that actually causes the injury. A Sumter workers’ compensation lawyer can obtain compensation for injuries:

  • Resulting from a workplace accident, such as a fall or slipping
  • Incurred in a motor vehicle accident that occurs while the individual is working
  • That occur because of repeated straining on the job over time, typically because of performing the same actions over and over
  • That result from excessive lifting, or other job-related actions

What Benefits Cover

Workers’ compensation benefits can cover many types of expenses. To determine what may be covered for a specific injury, a worker should speak with a Sumter workers’ compensation lawyer.

Medical Expenses

South Carolina workers’ compensation law technically covers all medical expenses that result from a workplace injury. Despite this, a lawyer may be helpful to resolve any questions as to whether the medical treatment was necessary or whether the injury was actually caused by the individual’s work.

Long-Term Disability

In some cases, an individual who is injured in the workplace is unable to return to work for an extended period of time, or may never be able to return. Disability benefits may be available in some severe cases.


South Carolina law allows injured workers to receive two-thirds of their typical weekly paycheck, as averaged over the prior year, although these benefits are capped each year at an annual maximum.

Steps to Take After a Workplace Injury

After a workplace injury has occurred, it is important to take certain steps in order to ensure that a workers’ compensation claim will be approved. After an incident, the injured party should:

  • Report the injury to a supervisor as soon as possible after an accident occurs or an injury becomes apparent
  • Seek appropriate medical care
  • Carefully complete a workers’ compensation application to preserve the right to benefits
  • Be truthful in explaining the injury and circumstances surrounding any accident
  • Obtain competent legal representation as soon as possible

Workers’ compensation claims may be denied for a variety of reasons, but the most common involve disagreement as to whether the injury was actually occurred in the workplace, the severity of the injury itself, or problems with the application’s completeness or timeliness.

Once the injured party receives notice that their claim has been denied, it is important to contact a Sumter worker’s compensation lawyer for advice as soon as possible. They can help guide the employee through the appeals process to give them a better chance of getting the compensation they need.

Speak to a Sumter Worker’s Compensation Attorney

A Sumter workers’ compensation lawyer can help you appeal a workers’ compensation application that has been denied. Typically, the appeal will involve a hearing before the workers’ compensation commissioners where the parties will present all relevant evidence and a decision will be rendered.

However, a workers’ compensation lawyer can continue to appeal even if the application is denied at this hearing. Whether you are appealing a denial or applying initially a dedicated lawyer can stand by your side. Learn more by calling today.


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