South Carolina Hurricane Bad Faith Insurance Claims Lawyer

Hurricanes are massive storms that travel long distances and ravage communities with torrential rain and powerful gusts of wind. Each year, countless individuals throughout the world are devastated by hurricanes. Those who are less fortunate often see the destruction of the property they worked so hard to accumulate.

If your property was damaged by a hurricane and your insurance company refuses to pay for the damage, you may have a case to pursue compensation. Insurance companies often resort to such tactics to save money in the wake of hurricanes, knowing they are depriving paying policyholders of the assistance they need.

If you are a state resident who needs help with your storm claim, contact a South Carolina hurricane bad faith insurance claims lawyer now.

Insurance Company Denial Tactics

For many policyholders, insurance serves as a safety net, and when hurricane damage occurs, they turn to their policy for coverage. This is normal, but when an insurance company denies coverage in the wake of a storm, many homeowners do not know what to do. Insurance companies often use tactics such as denying that coverage even exists, denying parts of a claim, attempting to process claims at an unreasonably slow speed, or asserting a claim is excluded under a policy.

Such tactics are dishonest, especially considering the agreement between a policyholder and insurance company. When a policyholder pays their insurance premium, the company is bound to provide them with the benefits outlined in the policy. If they do not, they are guilty of acting in “bad faith”, which is not only morally wrong, but illegal.

In addition to the tactics described, insurance companies are known to do the following:

  • Offer lowball estimates, payments, and offers
  • Require a written release of supplemental claims
  • Attempt to offer a final check instead of pay a supplemental or additional claim
  • Claim a policyholder failed to pay their premium on time
  • Offer misleading or untruthful policy information

Hurricane damage is sometimes framed as flood damage, which is only covered by flood policies. When a hurricane hits a region, insurance companies may claim the damage sustained from the storm is caused by a flood, not a hurricane. Because of this, it could be beneficial to work with a South Carolina hurricane bad faith insurance claims lawyer.

Dealing With an Insurance Company

Dealing with an insurance company without the help of a South Carolina hurricane bad faith insurance claims lawyer is usually not a good idea. Insurance companies understand the laws governing their behavior, and more than likely, they often hire a team of seasoned lawyers to represent them. They would likely use all the tactics they can to avoid having to pay for a claim.

By working with an experienced attorney, policyholders could protect their rights and their money. If a policyholder loses their case without the help of an attorney, they may be forced to use their own savings to repair their property. However, an attorney in South Carolina who is familiar with bad faith insurance claims may be able to provide them with the advice and legal guidance they need to make the right decisions.

If the insurance company offers a settlement, an attorney can also help their client decide whether they should accept the money or go to court.

Contact a South Carolina Hurricane Bad Faith Insurance Claims Lawyer

If your home or property was damaged by a hurricane, it may feel like your entire world has turned upside-down. Such feelings are rational, but you should be able to depend on your insurance benefits to assist you during such a trying time. If your insurance company refuses to provide the benefits they promised, they should be held accountable.

Contact a South Carolina hurricane bad faith insurance claims lawyer if you need help today.


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