Port of Charleston Crane Repairman Injury Lawyer

People employed in repairing large cranes often work in extremely dangerous conditions that contain numerous hazards in a variety of places and forms. It is not surprising that these workers can suffer serious and sometimes even catastrophic injuries while on the job.

A Port of Charleston crane repairman injury lawyer could help you if you were injured in the course of your duties. A dedicated attorney could fight for your right to obtain benefits and preserve your and your family’s financial stability.

Injuries Crane Repairmen May Sustain

Workers employed in the repair and maintenance of cranes are required to perform various duties. They may need to manipulate hand and power tools, lubricate joints, and replace components. This can lead to injuries from dropped tools, getting caught in gears, or prolonged exposure to chemicals.

Crane repairmen may also face the challenge of having to perform these duties while hundreds of feet in the air. This adds the potential of fighting the wind, weather, and the elevation of the job. Common injuries for crane repairmen that may stem from these conditions include:

  • Separated joints from falls while strapped into harnesses
  • Cuts or scrapes from tool failure
  • Broken bones or concussions resulting from being tossed in the wind

In general, any injury that a worker suffers while at work could be the basis for compensation. However, South Carolina law shields employers from personal injury lawsuits due to workplace injuries. Instead, all workers injured on the job must collect compensation from workers’ compensation insurance policies. When someone has suffered an injury, it is essential that they contact a skilled attorney right away.

How Workers’ Compensation Could Help

South Carolina laws require that all employers with at least four workers obtain a workers’ compensation policy. This rule applies no matter how mundane or dangerous the job is. Even though there is some inherent risk involved in crane repair, an injury should still be covered by such a policy.

To obtain these benefits, a worker must report their injury to their supervisor no more than 90 days after it happens. They would then be referred to a doctor for treatment. The doctor would also issue a report concerning the employee’s ability to work in the future and any permanent effects of the injury. A Port of Charleston crane repairman injury lawyer could help an injured individual understand the benefits that they are entitled to.

Types of Workers’ Compensation Available in Port of Charleston

Most workplace injuries keep crane workers out of work for a few weeks but eventually, end in a full recovery. During this recovery period, crane workers in the Port of Charleston could be compensated through workers’ comp insurance at a rate of two-thirds their average weekly wage for all wages lost due to missed time.

In other situations, a worker may suffer a permanent disability such as the loss of a limb or paralysis. When this is the case, the worker may also be eligible to receive a compensation package for the loss of future work capacity. These long-term packages are often the most common source of contention between workers and insurance companies.

It is important to remember that all workers have the right to appeal a benefits package to the state. Port of Charleston crane repairman injury attorneys could help someone argue their cases before a commissioner to obtain the full benefits they deserve.

Contact a Port of Charleston Crane Repairman Injury Attorney

Suffering an injury while at work is almost always distressing. Not only could an injured worker be unable to maintain their daily routine, but their finances may suffer. Workers’ compensation insurance benefits can provide some relief, but all too often, insurance companies try to limit the amount of money that they provide.

A Port of Charleston crane repairman injury lawyer could fight by your side to help you obtain the benefits you deserve. Your dedicated legal counsel could work with you to investigate the incident, analyze medical records, and stand up for your best interests. Get in touch today to let a seasoned local attorney get to work for you.


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