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When you take a prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) medication, you expect it to manage your symptoms and help you feel better. Yet sometimes drugs cause adverse reactions due to compounding mistakes resulting in contamination, or another issue such as mislabeling. If you experienced health problems in recent weeks because of prescription or OTC medication issues, contact a Myrtle Beach dangerous drugs lawyer.

A trusted injury attorney could help you file a claim manufacturer, pharmacist, or doctor responsible for the negative effect the drug had or continues to have on your health. Expect an initial consultation that decides whether the case should move forward, followed by a discovery period if your claim has merit. Discovery refers to gathering evidence related to your case to potentially settle the claim out of court. If your case goes to trial because the manufacturer or other defendant refuses to accept blame, the lawyer provides representation on your behalf.

What Drug Laws Could Apply to a Dangerous Drugs Case?

The South Carolina Code of Laws includes multiple sections concerning drug manufacturing, labeling, and distribution that might apply to a dangerous medication case. Chapter 43 Section 40-43-10, for example, discusses the South Carolina Pharmacy Practice Act. The act requires pharmacists to help patients “achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes” and subsequently adhere to drug compounding practices, such as not distributing drugs that have passed their “beyond-use dates.” Failure to comply with any Pharmacy Practice Act laws may result in legal claims.

Other South Carolina drug laws that apply to dangerous medication cases include Section 39-23-10, or Chapter 23: Adulterated, Misbranded, or New Drugs or Devices. Misbranding a dangerous drug because of faulty labeling, for example, calls for a conversation with a Myrtle Beach attorney since it can cause adverse reactions, including severe allergic reactions. The section also discusses grounds for adulterated drugs or medical devices, such as those packed in unsanitary conditions or others featuring “filthy, putrid, or decomposed” substances.

What Dangerous Drug Cases Do Myrtle Beach Law Firms Typically Handle?

Some of the most common dangerous drugs causing serious reactions or related injuries include those involving:

  • Methadone: a prescription painkiller often used to reduce heroin dependence, it is still possible to overdose on methadone, especially when it is taken with other drugs
  • Warfarin: The anticoagulant has proved to be more dangerous than medical professionals initially thought, possibly because it does not break up existing blood clots
  • Anabolic steroids: Taken by athletes and bodybuilders, steroids share a link with cardiovascular disease and death, as well as higher rates of homicides and suicides

Additional medications that frequently appear on dangerous drugs lists include prescription and non-prescription painkillers, stimulants for Attention Deficit Disorder, oxycodone, fentanyl, benzodiazepines, statins, and alprazolam.

Is it Possible to Sue a Manufacturer After a Drug Has Been Recalled?

While a plaintiff cannot sue the manufacturer because a dangerous drug was recalled, lawyers in Myrtle Beach emphasize that the individual can sue if the recalled medication caused physical or emotional harm. Injuries and related health issues provide grounds for any dangerous drug claim. If the plaintiff cannot prove the link between the drug and their health issue or injury, the case will be dismissed.

Speak with a Myrtle Beach Dangerous Drugs Attorney Today

Injuries and other health issues resulting from an unsafe drug can affect your ability to work, perform normal daily tasks, and enjoy recreational activities. If you have suffered because of manufacturer, doctor, or pharmacist negligence, schedule a meeting with a Myrtle Beach dangerous drugs lawyer at your earliest convenience. You might be entitled to a range of damages, including those for ongoing medical care such as physical therapy, as well as disfigurement, disability, lost wages, and reduced earnings ability.

Determine if you should move forward with your case by contacting a Myrtle Beach law firm today. Your claim could bring attention to an unsafe drug that helps others make more informed medication choices.


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