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Myrtle Beach offers many exciting opportunities for recreational biking. Taking a relaxing ride by the shore can help people to relax and get some wonderful exercise. Other people rely on bikes as their primary modes of transportation and blend with traffic on roads and streets.

Choosing to ride a bike also comes with disadvantages. These riders are exposed to serious dangers that can come in the form of careless or reckless drivers. When collisions do occur, there is little in the way of protection that could prevent serious injuries. It is not unusual for the aftermath of a bike accident to leave a rider with permanent physical and mental injuries.

A Myrtle Beach bicycle accident lawyer could help individuals after bike crashes. Call today to speak directly to a legal professional acquainted with cases like yours.

Demonstrating Fault After a Bike Crash

Most collisions that occur between bike riders and motor vehicles are the product of accidents. An injured party cannot claim that the driver intended to cause them harm. Even so, the law says that defendants who are at fault for bike accidents must provide compensation to their victims.

The way to accomplish this recovery is to prove that the defendant was negligent. All drivers assume a duty to protect all other people that they may encounter while behind the wheel, and bike riders are no exception. It falls to that injured rider to prove negligence in settlement talks or in court.

How Can a Bike Crash Victim Prove Negligence?

The most straightforward way to prove negligence is to show that a defendant’s driving violated a rule of the road. If a defendant received a ticket for speeding, failing to stop at a red light, or a marked lane violation, this can be direct evidence of negligence. In other cases, it may be necessary to talk to witnesses and reconstruct the accident to show that simple carelessness rose to the level of negligence. A Myrtle Beach bicycle accident attorney could help to examine the evidence in the claim that indicates defendant fault.

Working to Collect Fair Compensation

Proving that a defendant was at fault for an accident is only one part of a bike crash claim. For optimal results, it is also necessary to demonstrate how that fault affected the plaintiff’s life. This requires a full examination of the consequences of the impact.

The most obvious damage is the physical injury. Broken bones, separated joints, spinal cord damage, and traumatic brain injuries are all common results in bike/car collisions. A defendant is always liable to provide payments for all medical care, no matter how serious an injury may be.

In addition, it benefits injured riders to examine how the incident has affected their overall quality of life. An injury may leave them with intense pain and emotional trauma. It may also force them to change their daily routines and hobbies. If so, a defendant must provide payments for these losses. Finally, if an injury forces a bike rider to miss time at work, the defendant must also provide reimbursement for these lost wages.

What Can a Bike Wreck Attorney Do for an Injured Cyclist?

A Myrtle Beach bike crash attorney could help to measure the true value of a claim. They can also work to pursue proper compensation within the applicable time limits. South Carolina Code §15-3-540 says that claims for personal injuries based on accidents must be in court no more than three years from the date of loss. An attorney can help to ensure compliance with this law.

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The aftermath of a bicycle accident can have a profound impact on every part of your life. You likely need to seek immediate medical care, and the injuries may take months or years to heal. In addition, you may suffer serious pain and mental anguish. You have the absolute right to demand that an at-fault driver provide compensation for these losses. However, proving these claims and obtaining full payments can be difficult.

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