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While every property owner has an obligation to protect their visitors, accidents caused by negligence frequently result in dangerous property conditions. If you were injured while on someone else’s property, you may have a legal right to compensation and could benefit from speaking with a Mount Pleasant premises liability lawyer.

After an accident, you may have to deal with medical bills from injuries and troublesome negotiations with aggressive insurance companies. A compassionate personal injury attorney understands that seeking recovery for damages can seem daunting and is here to help. They could work to evaluate your rights, gather evidence, and seek full and fair compensation for your injuries.

What are the Rights of Visitors in Mount Pleasant?

It is important that visitors know their rights. In Mount Pleasant, the law outlines three levels of adult visitors, determined by permission to enter a property and their reasons for doing so.

Invitees are described as anyone who enters land for the property owner’s benefit, and on their invitation. An invitee could include a patron at a movie theater or shoppers at a store. Licensees, or individuals who visit a property with the owner’s permission and for their own benefit. Such individuals may enter the premises for a party or social event.

Trespassers are described as anyone who enters land without the owner’s permission or knowledge. In these cases, an intruder may have a difficult time collecting any compensation following an injury on another person’s land. A knowledgeable Mount Pleasant attorney could help injured individuals to better understand their rights and determine whether they have cause for a premises liability claim.

Different Laws for Minors

South Carolina considers children to be another category of visitors. In an injured child case, the age of the child, the purpose of their entry, and any inherent dangers on the property will be considered to determine liability.

What are the Damages to Recover in Premises Liability Cases?

Cases of premises liability examine the level of duty a landowner has to a visitor – or lack thereof, for a trespasser – and the steps taken to fulfill this duty. If the injured visitor was there legally and was behaving in a reasonable manner, the landowner may be held liable. Injuries sustained in these cases can range from mild to severe and as such, plaintiffs may seek recovery from the at-fault party for numerous types of damages.

Common examples of accidents that happen on another’s premises include a slip and fall, wherein the landowner neglected to keep their walking surfaces clear of hazards or failed to clean a spill. Other accidents could be the result of structural defects on the property. This could include broken stairs, faulty hand railings, or potholes in parking lots.

In other cases, a landowner may be responsible for an assault, sexual abuse, kidnapping, or any other crime committed on their property. Even if they were not involved in or aware of the act, property owners could still share liability for a crime if a lack of lighting, poorly trained security employees, or a broken lock allowed an illegal act to transpire. An experienced premises liability attorney in Mount Pleasant could help to evaluate the potential liability of a landowner for someone’s injuries that occurred on their property.

Let a Mount Pleasant Premises Liability Attorney Help

In Mount Pleasant, property owners have a legal duty to protect visitors. When they neglect this duty, it may easily lead to an accident. Even when injuries are painful and apparent, liability could be difficult to prove. A case needs to examine any neglect of the landowner to prevent an accident, and the legal status of the visitor at the time of the injury. These complexities are why the help of a practiced attorney could be essential for a victim seeking recovery.

This recovery could include payment for medical bills, lost or decreased wages, and emotional distress. A Mount Pleasant premises liability lawyer could work tirelessly to help you collect adequate compensation for your injuries. Call today to learn more.


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