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In the blink of an eye, an injury to your spine can change your life forever. Following a spinal injury, you may experience emotional, physical, and financial pain. You may be in physical pain, depressed, unable to work or go about your other everyday activities, and facing a mountain of debt from your medical bills. With the help of an experienced catastrophic injury lawyer, a successful financial judgment against the person responsible for your spinal injury could help. Reaching out to a skilled Georgetown spinal cord injury today could allow you to focus on your healing, while your legal counsel fights for your rights.

Causes and Consequences of Spinal Injuries in Georgetown

Damage to the nerves on the spine causes spinal cord injuries. Most commonly, spinal trauma occurs after:

  • Car accidents
  • Slips and falls
  • Violence, especially gunshot wounds
  • Sports injuries
  • Surgical complications

These injuries can be minor and temporary, or severe and lifelong. Spinal nerve damage causes certain areas of the body to experience numbness and pain, and it can cause paralysis over one or more areas of the body.

After a spinal trauma, people often undergo many surgeries and endure lengthy hospital stays. Private insurance does not always cover all of these medical costs. Spinal injury survivors may face months or years of physical therapy and rehabilitation in an attempt to return to normalcy. Unfortunately, many survivors of spinal trauma are unable to return to their jobs because they are no longer physically able to perform them, and some are unable to work at all. Some survivors must make extensive renovations to their homes to make them more handicapped accessible, while others might be forced to move into nursing homes or assisted living facilities where they can access around the clock nursing care. Because of all of the medical, employment, and lifestyle changes, many survivors of spinal trauma often face enormous financial debts. A qualified attorney could help by pursuing damages against the person responsible for the injury that caused the spinal injury.

Possible Damage Recovery in Georgetown

If somebody else’s negligence caused their spinal injury, the claimant might seek different types of damages against that other person.

Economic Damages

First, a claimant may seek economic damages to cover all medical and other costs directly caused by the injury as well as those indirectly caused by the accident such as for therapy for depression or post-traumatic stress that followed the injury. Economic damages also include any future medical expenses and expected costs of treatment over a lifetime. If the claimant must take time off from work during their recovery, they can ask for payment for their lost wages. If the claimant is unable to return to work permanently or is unable to return to the same type of work, they can seek payment for their future lost wages.

Non-economic Damages

Claimants may also seek non-economic damages. Non-economic damages can include compensation for their pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life and loss of consortium. Fortunately, in most instances, South Carolina does not cap non-economic damages.

Punitive Damages

In certain, limited circumstances, claimants may also pursue punitive damages if the injury was caused by willful or reckless conduct, as outlined in South Carolina Code of Laws Section 15-32-510.

Experienced legal counsel could help maximize the recovery of damages by reviewing the claimant’s physical, emotional, and financial situation, and presenting the evidence in the best possible light.

Contact a Georgetown Spinal Cord Injury Attorney as Soon as Possible

Recovering from spinal trauma is difficult. You should not have to worry about financial problems during your challenging recovery. Reach out to a skilled Georgetown spinal cord injury lawyer and let them start working on your financial recovery so that you can turn all of your attention to your physical and emotional healing.





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