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A motorcycle accident could change the life of a rider in an instant. Even the slightest fender-bender could throw a rider from their seat onto the pavement or into oncoming traffic. Other instances could require a biker to make a sudden evasive maneuver that causes them to wipe out.

In any event, any injury that is the result of another party’s negligence could lead to a motorcycle accident personal injury claim. These claims could demand compensation for the costs of any necessary medical treatment, loss of earnings, and lost enjoyment of life. Unfortunately, these claims are rarely simple and many unrepresented plaintiffs risk losing out on the full value of their cases without the help of a skilled attorney.

A Conway motorcycle accident lawyer could help you seek the compensation you need after an accident. A legal representative could work to protect your interests in settlement talks and at trial and help preserve your future.

A Driver’s Duty to Motorists and The Statute of Limitations

Much of the responsibility of motorcycle riding falls to the bikers themselves. Wearing proper safety equipment, keeping an eye on the weather, and following the rules of the road are all key elements of safe riding.

However, no matter how cautiously a biker travels, they are still at the mercy of other drivers. In fact, all drivers assume a duty to protect all other people that they may encounter while on Conway roads.

As a result, injured bikers are just as able to hold negligent drivers accountable for damages as any other person. Victims simply must demonstrate that another driver’s negligence caused their injuries. A Conway motorcycle accident lawyer could help victims with this process.

Attorneys could also help to ensure that a victim’s case meets the statute of limitations. Under South Carolina Code §15-3-530, any plaintiff alleging personal injury in a lawsuit must do so no more than three years from the date of the incident. An attorney could help to make sure that a case does not fail because of this rule.

Specific Dangers for Motorcyclists in Conway

While any collision on Conway’s roads may cause severe injuries, motorcycle riders are especially vulnerable. There is often little but a helmet and a jacket to separate a biker from the road. It stands to follow that many people view bike riding as a risky activity.

Common examples of these physical injuries include:

  • Severe scrapes and cuts from sliding on pavement
  • Broken bones from being trapped under a bike
  • Separated joints from hitting the ground
  • Head injuries from the plain force of the collision

Despite the risks involved, the law gives bike riders the same legal recourse as any other case holder. Any motorcycle accident claim could demand compensation for any medical treatment needed to treat these injuries. However, a comprehensive claim demands payments for any lost wages and mental anguish connected to the incident. A Conway motorcycle accident lawyer could help clients to properly value their claims and to demand appropriate compensation from at-fault defendants.

Speak with a Conway Motorcycle Accident Attorney Today

If you were injured because of another party’s negligence while riding a motorcycle, it is only fair to seek compensation. But all too often, defendants and their insurance companies are dismissive of bikers and their injuries. They may argue that a biker accepted the risk simply because they were on a bike or that you share blame for the accident.

A Conway motorcycle accident lawyer could help to pursue your case for appropriate compensation. This often includes reimbursement for lost wages in addition to the cost of any medical treatment. An attorney could work to prove that a defendant driver was at-fault and do so within the required time limits. Contact an attorney today to pursue your motorcycle accident claim.



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