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Motorcyclists may be more prone to suffer catastrophic injuries in motor vehicle accidents than the occupants of other motor vehicles. Motorcycles do not provide riders with the same safety features and protections that enclosed vehicles have to offer. As a result, individuals who have sustained severe injuries in a motorcycle accident may wish to consult a Columbia motorcycle accident lawyer for their legal rights and options.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

The injuries that motorcyclists sustain in motor vehicle accidents are often severe and permanently debilitating. This may cause injury victims to be unable to work in their prior occupations, perhaps permanently. Some of the injuries that motorcyclists commonly sustain in these accidents include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Multiple broken bones
  • Internal organ damage and bleeding

While surgery, rest, and rehabilitation eventually heal some injuries, others may cause life-altering permanent impairments. These individuals may require a lengthy stay in a nursing home or rehabilitation facility. Furthermore, even after victims return home, they may need 24-hour home health care and modifications to their homes and vehicles to accommodate wheelchair usage.
Injury victims also may be unable to return to work, which creates an even more frustrating situation for individuals who steadily are accruing additional medical bills. If the negligence of others led to accidents causing permanent disabilities, a motorcycle accident attorney in Columbia might be able to help these individuals seek compensation for their injuries.

What is the Importance of Proving Negligence in a Motorbike Injury Claim?

Motorcycle accident claims typically rely on a finding of negligence in the actions of others. If other drivers were careless in their driving due to impairment by drugs or alcohol, distraction, or for other reasons, they might be responsible for the costs of any accidents that they cause. For instance, violation of traffic rules and regulations could be a stronger indicator that negligence has occurred.

Motorcyclists also must follow the rules of the road and ride safely for the benefit of everyone around them. Weaving between lanes and excessively speeding are two examples of motorcyclist conduct that might qualify as negligence. When motorcyclists drive negligently, they, too, may be somewhat at fault for the accidents that led to their injuries.

Fortunately, comparative negligence laws in South Carolina still may permit these injured motorcyclists to seek damages for these losses, even if they partially are at fault for the accident. If they are less than 50% responsible for the accident leading to your injuries, they still may pursue other negligent parties for compensation. A motorcycle accident lawyer in Columbia may be able to assist individuals in seeking damages from all potentially negligent parties.

What Types of Compensation are Available in Motorcycle Accidents in Columbia?

In a personal injury suit, individuals may be able to seek various types of compensation for their losses. Some costs are easy to calculate in terms of dollars and cents, such as reimbursement for medical bills, property damage to their motorcycle, and lost wages while individuals are off work due to their injuries.

Other damages, however, also may be available, such as loss of future income due to a permanent inability to work, emotional distress, and pain and suffering. These damages may be more challenging to value, but they still are valid forms of compensation in many personal injury claims.

Talk to a Columbia Motorcycle Accident Attorney for Advice

Although no amount of money can compensate you fully for your injuries, you still may need financial support to weather this challenging time in your life. Compensation in a personal injury claim can replace lost income, pay for medical bills, and help support any significant life changes that your injuries are forcing you to make. A Columbia motorcycle accident lawyer may be able to determine whether you and your family are entitled to compensation that can help solidify your financial future.





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