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Modern chemistry and chemical compounds are used in nearly every industry, from agriculture to manufacturing and medicine, workers in almost every industry work with chemicals of varying strengths.

While many of these chemicals are relatively harmless, a large percentage of chemicals can be potentially hazardous not only to workers but to consumers as well. Unfortunately, chemical exposure often results from deliberate and negligent industry practices in an effort to cut costs and keep profits high.

However, the effects of toxic chemical exposure can have an effect on an individual, a family, and even a community for decades. The Charleston toxic chemical exposure lawyers at Howell and Christmas, have a distinguished record of helping those injured by exposure to toxic chemicals hold companies responsible for exposure-related injuries.

Work with a skilled workers’ compensation attorney that can attempt to hold large companies accountable for their negligent and harmful practices.

Chemical Exposure in the Workplace

Charleston is an industrial hub in South Carolina, and for the East Coast. With one of the largest shipping ports, Charleston leads the region in automotive manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and aviation. However, while this robust economy is good for Charleston workers and their families, it often means working in close proximity to toxic and hazardous chemicals.

At Howell and Christmas, the Charleston toxic chemical exposure attorneys are devoted to serving members of the Charleston community and are prepared to address a person’s concerns in a variety of industries including:

  • Industrial workers
  • Shipyard workers
  • Construction
  • Warehouse workers
  • Beauticians
  • Nail salon workers
  • Chemical lab workers
  • Painters
  • Printing and Newspaper
  • Gasoline Workers

Dangerous chemicals and substances such as lead, mercury, tungsten, silica, and manganese along with industrial alcohols, and asbestos all pose a hazard to workers.

Employers are required to make every effort to avoid exposing employees to known hazardous chemicals by implementing safety procedures, providing adequate protective equipment, and properly storing and advising workers of the dangers associated with toxic chemicals.

If an individual or someone they know has suffered an injury because of exposure to a dangerous chemical or substance, an individual should contact a Charleston toxic chemical exposure attorney to learn how they can help.

Chemical Exposure in the Home

Not only are workers potentially exposed to toxic and hazardous chemicals, but also many household products contain harmful chemicals and many families are not warned of the dangers of these products.

While many companies have committed themselves to designing and manufacturing safer products, many products on the market and in our homes contain harmful concentrations of toxic chemicals such as bug sprays, carpet cleaners, bathroom cleaners, drain cleaners, and pesticides.

Not only do certain household products contain dangerous and toxic chemicals, but many of these products do not come with a warning about their potential dangers putting families and loved ones at risk of exposure.

Aggressive Legal Representation for Toxic Chemical Exposure

Being exposed to toxic chemicals and substances can lead to immediate injuries, but long-term exposure can also lead to developing life-threatening conditions such as cancer years down the road. Following exposure to toxic chemicals, many need prompt medical treatment, now and in the future.

At Howell and Christmas, a Charleston toxic chemical exposure lawyer could aggressively represent victims of toxic chemical exposure and understand the legal complexities of toxic chemical cases. With over 40 years combined experience the attorneys bring an insight and understanding to the help those injured by toxic chemical exposure.

Providing Legal Representation for Charleston Workers

The attorneys at Howell and Christmas, represent individual workers, families, who have been injured or lost a loved one because of exposure to toxic chemicals.

They are dedicated to providing aggressive and comprehensive support during these difficult times and are prepared to help you recover for medical expenses, lost wages, disability, pain and suffering, and for other financial and emotional hardships.

Contact a Charleston toxic chemical exposure lawyer today to learn how they can help.


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