Timelines to Receive a Charleston Truck Accident Settlement

Compensation for an injury caused by another cannot undo what has been done, but it could let you hold that negligent person or people accountable for their lack of responsibility. When deciding on whether to hold relevant parties responsible through civil court, victims have typically two options: settlements or trials. However, not everyone is equipped to go to trial as it often requires a heavy commitment. Settlements often pose a better option for victims looking to avoid lengthy litigation.

With the help of a dedicated attorney, you could receive the compensation you need through negotiations. Call today for information on applicable timelines to receive a Charleston truck accident settlement.

How Long Does It Take to Receive a Settlement in Charleston?

The general length of time it takes to receive a settlement in Charleston varies because every case is different in terms of how long it takes for someone to reach a settlement or reach a verdict in their case through a jury trial.

Gathering Expert Witness Testimony

When somebody has gathered opinions from medical experts in terms of future medical care and treatment and in terms of work restrictions or the ability or inability to work prior occupations or any occupation going forward, they could figure out what impairments are there for the body parts that were injured in the accident and have a good picture of what the past wage loss and medical bills are. With that information from those doctors and other experts claiming the injured party has reached maximum medical improvement, the opposing party would have an understanding of what the future damages would look like.

After gathering this evidence, attorneys could then place a demand on the case. Then, the demand is sent to the insurance company. Sometimes the case settles that way. Sometimes a lawsuit is filed. If it settles, the process might take about a year. If victims do not seek and complete the medical treatment they need in a timely manner, this could directly impact the timelines for receiving a Charleston truck accident settlement.

Speeding Up the Settlement Process for Charleston Truck Wreck Victims

There are some things that could help expedite the timelines for Charleston truck accident settlements. However, it is a good idea to not slow or overly-rush the settlement process. While time is against victims of these cases, ignoring the best practices for civil claims could only increase the chances of a less-than-favorable outcome. For example, it would never be a good idea to settle a case when victims do not know if they need surgery. In some cases, a victim might undergo the necessary medical procedures, but rushing into a settlement might not be such a good idea so close to a surgery because of the possibility of a bad result from that operation.

In terms of expediting a settlement for Charleston truck accident victims, the best advice for an injured party is that the right time to file a claim aimed at a settlement is when they are in that healing period after making as much of a recovery as possible.

To reach that healing point, victims need to adhere to the instructions provided by doctors. They need to attend appointments, follow basic recovery instructions, and follow through with check-ins. It is only after this that victims could have their attorney gather evidence and move their cases forward as quickly as they desire.

Let a Dedicated Charleston Attorney Help

After sustaining a serious injury incurred by an irresponsible decision of another, recovery should be your long-term goal. However, that goal may seem out of reach if you have medical expenses or serious injuries brought on by your wreck. While compensation cannot undo your accident, it could help you make a proximal return to life as it once was.

For more information about settlements for Charleston truck accidents and the timelines to receive one, reach out to an attorney today for your confidential consultation.


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