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When truckers disregard the rules of the road, accidents happen. These wrecks tend to be exceptionally serious and cause permanent changes to victims’ lives. This is unacceptable.

If you were seriously injured by a truck in a T-bone accident, then you need to reach out to a Charleston truck side-impact collision lawyer today. An attorney could review your case and draft a claim if the wrongdoer is suspected of negligence.

Common Types of Side-Impact Collisions

Anytime one vehicle hits the side of another vehicle, that is a side-impact collision. A side-impact collision occurs in different ways. The classic side-impact collision happens when a driver runs a stop sign or a red light at an intersection and hits the vehicle that is properly moving through the intersection. Those are commonly known as T-bone accidents. That term comes from what it looks like when a car driving straightforward makes an impact directly head-on with the side portion of the vehicle in the intersection.

Another type of side-impact collision could result from a driver making an improper lane change and moving their vehicle into the side of a vehicle traveling in the same direction in the lane next to them. It could be when somebody crosses the centerline in their lane of traffic and ends up on the opposing side or wrong lane of traffic. Instead of a head-on collision, which of course is catastrophic and devastating in its own right, there may be a side impact. For victims of these types of wrecks, it could be critical to work with a Charleston truck side-impact collisions lawyer who could help them recover financially.

Commonalities of Many Truck-Related T-Bone Wrecks

Common fact patterns in side-impact collisions with trucks in Charleston are the truck driver not keeping a proper lookout, and not using the mirrors properly. In many cases, a trucker did not use their blinker and proceeded into the adjacent lane of traffic which pushed a vehicle in that lane off the road. Sometimes, a truck makes a side-impact with a car, causing that car to spin off the side of the road or spin out and cross into the opposing lane of traffic. In these particular wrecks, injuries sustained by victims are often life-changing.

Crucial Steps to Take After a Truck Wreck

When someone is involved in a side-impact collision, the first step it to determine whether they are injured such that they should not move or cannot move out of the vehicle. They should stay in their vehicle, and wait for emergency medical services to arrive and put them in a C-spine collar. Emergency workers take the injured party to the hospital in an ambulance to make sure their injuries are adequately addressed. Even if someone is injured to the point where they think they are able to get out and move, they do not have to do that. They could wait for law enforcement officers and emergency personnel to arrive at the scene to assess and assist them.

For people able to move, the best practice is to photograph their vehicle, the other vehicle, and the intersection or area where the accident occurred. Victims should try to get names and phone numbers of witnesses and make notes about what the other driver said to them. Most importantly, the person should not say too much to the other driver other than providing their name, address, and insurance information. They should not discuss who is at fault for the accident with the other driver. That could be sorted out after all of the information is gathered, an investigation is done, and a Charleston truck side-impact collision lawyer has the proper evidence to prove and advocate their position in the case.

Common Compensable Injuries

Serious injuries may occur in side-impact collisions in Charleston and South Carolina. Common injuries are spinal injuries to the neck, back, or lower part of the back. When there is a significant impact to the side, there is a high probability of neck or back injuries.

Depending on the position of the person’s body at the time of the impact, there may be injuries to the knees, rotator cuff, and shoulder. Injuries might include fractures to the wrists, arms, and legs. The type and severity of the injuries depend on the speed and the weight of the vehicles involved in the impact. When the injuries are severe, the injured person may need medical help from health care professionals and assistance from an experienced lawyer to help them make a proper recovery for the losses they incurred as the result of the accident and their injuries.

Damages, commonly known as compensation, may include medical bills, emergency medical services, and the cost of the ambulance. There could be hospital bills, MRIs, CT scans, x-rays, and other types of diagnostic imaging. When surgery is necessary, the surgical bills include the cost of an anesthesiologist, the medical care and services provided by the hospital, and bills generated by the doctors who performed the surgery.

When someone loses time from work, they could make a claim for past lost wages for the period of time they are out of work. Damages also include future medical expenses and future wage loss that may occur as a result of the injuries. The injured person could recover for the loss of personal property that was in the vehicle at the time of the accident. All of these are economic damages.

Non-economic damages include pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and permanent disability from the impairment suffered in the accident. This is another source of damages the injured party could seek from the driver who caused the accident.

Talk with an Attorney Who Could Help

An attorney takes important steps after a side-impact truck collision in Charleston and South Carolina. The first step is gathering evidence to identify and prove who was at fault for the accident. The evidence is freshest when an accident occurs. That includes physical evidence from the vehicles involved and their damages, talking to witnesses, and speaking with the police officer or other law enforcement officials investigating the accident. The individual could take photographs of the accident scene including physical evidence, pieces of the vehicles, and skid marks on the pavement. If possible, this kind of evidence needs to be examined before weather and other circumstances change or remove it from the accident scene. After this, an attorney could draft a claim against negligent parties and seek compensation on your behalf.

Do not be afraid to reach out to an attorney who could do this for you while you work on recovering. Call today to start your confidential consultation.


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