Common Reasons to Refuse a Charleston Truck Accident Settlement

Among the common reasons to refuse a Charleston truck accident settlement, an inability to compromise with insurance adjusters is among them. More often than not, insurance companies look to protect their own interests before paying what is fair to injured people. If you were recently injured by a trucker, dealing with insurance companies in the future could be better left to experienced legal professionals. Let an attorney help you recover.

Reasons to Refuse a Settlement After a Charleston Truck Wreck

The reasons why someone might refuse to take a settlement offer and instead go to trial vary because every case is different. No two are the same and they all have to be analyzed separately. Many times, the insurance company is just not willing to recognize the true value of the case. They are not willing to come across with the right amount of money given the seriousness of the damages that are sustained. If the insurance company is not willing to offer the right amount of money, they are going to leave the injured party no choice but to go forward with a jury trial, asking a jury of their peers to award what is fair in the case.

On the other side, sometimes it is the injured party that has some overly exaggerated number in their head for what they think their case is worth, even though, factually and legally, there is little chance it would ever be worth that. In those cases, even if the insurance company is being reasonable, the case is going to go to trial, because the injured party or parties are unwilling to recognize that their claim is not worth what they think it is worth.

Those are the extreme examples, but there are all types of different reasons in-between as to why cases do not settle and go to court. Typically, most cases resolve through settlement. The bigger cases, like the tractor-trailer cases that occur in South Carolina, given the nature of the injuries and the catastrophic nature of the damages that go with those injuries, resolve at mediation.

Mediation for Larger Cases

Mediation is just a settlement tool in which all parties meet in one place with the insurance adjuster, the defense attorney, the plaintiff, and the plaintiff’s attorney, and try to reach a resolution of that one case on that day. It is an effective tool in South Carolina with very high rates of success in terms of cases being settled, but it is not a guaranteed success. Some cases do not settle and those cases go to trial.

How a Charleston Attorney Could Help Victims During Settlement Talks After a Truck Wreck

Charleston truck accident attorneys could be of benefit to someone who is looking to settle a truck accident suit. In all of South Carolina and Charleston, having an experienced tractor-trailer accident attorney help victims through the entire case and not just the settlement process is a good idea because these are complex cases. They are very complex in the law, they are very complex in the medicine, they are very complex on coverage issues and what insurance coverage is available, and they are very complex on the settlement issues.

Many times, there are all types of issues that could be thrown into the settlement process. Understanding what a fair value for the case is one. Unless victims have experience in that area, how could they possibly know? The insurance company could be offering them $100,000, but their case may be worth $1 million.

An experienced tractor-trailer accident attorney in Charleston or anywhere that handles cases in South Carolina could be a big asset to the injured party to help them navigate through that process, make sure that everything has been looked from both a legal and medical perspective, and make sure that every attempt that has made would yield the highest possible dollar amount for the claim. Once that is done, they could follow up to make sure everything is done in a way that protects the injured party.

Speak to a Dedicated Personal Injury Attorney in Charleston Today

There are many common reasons to refuse a settlement after a Charleston truck accident. Some of them include how much compensation your case is worth and how much an insurance company is willing to pay. Often, these amounts are not harmonious. To better your chances of a successful recovery, choose to work with a dedicated personal injury attorney today.





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