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Trucks have the same obligations to other drivers as any other type of motor vehicle operator. When these truckers do not adhere to the rules of the road and act negligently, any accident that is foreseeably caused by their irresponsibility holds them liable in court. If you were seriously harmed by a negligent driver, then you need to seek help from a seasoned attorney. A Charleston rollover truck accident lawyer could help you recover the compensation you need following your serious crash.

What is a Truck Rollover Accident?

A rollover accident is when a vehicle turns over onto its side or roof. A vehicle does not have to roll completely over to be considered a rollover accident. When a tractor-trailer or other vehicle tips over, that is a rollover case. People who have suffered because of a rollover should also seek the help of a Charleston rollover truck accident lawyer who could help bring a claim about against wrongful parties.

Commonalities in These Types of Wrecks

In South Carolina and Charleston, rollover cases commonly occur when a tractor-trailer was not loaded properly, or it was weighed incorrectly and was not in accordance with federal and state rules requiring how loads are to be placed and carried. Because of the displacement of the weight, the tractor-trailer may be heavier on one side and prone to flip over. When the tractor-trailer tries to make a turn into a curve or make a right or left-hand turn, that causes the weight to be displaced even further and the tractor-trailer, bus, or van flips over.

Effects These Accidents Have on Other Motorists

When the driver of a tractor-trailer or other vehicle loses control of the automobile, the vehicle becomes a missile that could cause serious damages on impact with another vehicle, a pedestrian, bike rider, or motorcycle rider. Those types of cases involve serious injuries and usually catastrophic injuries.

Why Do Trucks Get into Rollover Accidents?

Trucks are more susceptible to rolling over if their cargo unexpectedly shifts to one side. A truck should be loaded and weighed properly. If it is done incorrectly, or the load is not secured when the truck is loaded and the weight of the load is able to shift improperly, that makes the vehicle unstable when it is involved in a turn. That creates a situation where a rollover accident could occur with serious and catastrophic injuries as a result.

Rollover accidents are different because the chances of a dangerous accident or serious injuries are high. When there is a rollover case, the driver lost complete and total control of the vehicle. Brakes are useless to stop the vehicle because the brakes cannot be engaged in a way that would stop the vehicle. The vehicle is an out of control missile that strikes anything in its path and the resulting impact could be catastrophic. In the event that a victim is seriously harmed, paralyzed, or burned because of these types of collisions, they should consider working with a Charleston rollover truck accident lawyer.

To avoid being involved in a rollover accident in South Carolina and Charleston specifically, a driver should keep a safe distance from any tractor-trailer. One should never assume that the person operating the tractor-trailer is properly trained or believe that the truck is correctly loaded. A person should drive defensively and keep a safe distance from a tractor-trailer on the road.

Sometimes there is nothing one can do if a tractor-trailer approaches or overtakes them and is next to them when the accident occurs. Drivers should always be on high alert and know that trucks are extremely dangerous. If a mistake is made, the consequences of the accident with a tractor-trailer are far greater than an accident with any other vehicle.

Speak with a Compassionate Attorney Today

After suffering a serious accident at the hands of a negligent driver, it may be hard to focus on anything other than healing. Thankfully, a Charleston truck rollover accident lawyer could work for you and secure the compensation you need to address your medical needs from the irresponsible parties involved. Reach out to speak with an attorney today.


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