Mistakes with Recorded Medical Statements After a Charleston Truck Wreck

Because of the numerous mistakes with recorded medical statements after a Charleston truck wreck, it is important that you consider partnering with a dedicated legal representative. An attorney could draft a case against a negligent party and protect you from insurance adjusters.

Dangers of Giving a Recorded Statement to an Insurance Company

The danger of giving a recorded statement to the other driver’s insurance company before consulting an attorney is huge. What typically happens in those interviews is the adjuster for the other party’s insurance company asks loaded and misleading questions, and they get the individual to say something that helps them deny the case or diminish the value of the case.

Job one on day one is to give no statements to anyone without their lawyer being there to protect them from improper or inappropriate questions. Even with a lawyer helping the injured party, it is very rare to give recorded statements, because there is very little upside in it. Most conversations like these are the insurance company’s attempt to try to get victims on the record to say things that the companies could use against them at a later date when they seek compensation.

How Insurance Companies Typically Contact Truck Wreck Victims

Insurance companies typically contact people who have been injured in truck accidents by dispatching people within their own company or contracted individuals outside of their company as an accident reconstructionist who gathers evidence, interviews witnesses, takes photographs, and meets with officers from the accident. Insurance companies do this all in an attempt to gather information to try to protect themselves and to try to deny or diminish what require of them outside of the case.

More recently, insurance companies have become cleverer when doing this. They know the sooner they could obtain statements the better it is going to be for them, so they have responsive teams and wings of the company that are going to respond to an accident or a trucking accident. The swiftness with which these contacts are made by phone, email, or text are amazing. They know that somebody is probably not going to have an attorney representing them within a couple of hours to a day, so they strike early to try to get those statements so they could use them to their benefit in the denial of the whole or part of the injured party’s case.

Situations Where Victims Accidentally Give a Statement

People typically make the mistake of giving a recorded statement to the other driver’s insurance company, because they do not know any better. They have not been advised by a lawyer that they should not give them. They think that because they have been in a wreck, they have a duty or some kind of responsibility to participate in recorded statements with the other driver’s insurance company. None of that is true. In fact, it is something they should not do. They should not give a statement. If they were going to give a statement, it should be in limited circumstances and only when they have their legal counsel present to protect them from inappropriate or unlawful questioning.

Some typical situations in which a person would accidentally give a recorded medical statement to the other person’s insurance company include the insurance adjuster or some representative contacting the injured party and trying to obtain a statement from them immediately after the accident. It happens all the time in South Carolina. The truth of it is that most people do not know lawyers. The insurance companies are so quick in trying to get ahold of victims within hours that the injured party just does not know any better. They think it is something they are supposed to do or have to do, which they do not. In reality, it is something that that other party wants that they are not entitled to under the law.

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Mistakes with recorded medical statements after a Charleston truck wreck happen all the time. What victims need to keep in mind is that their chances of recovery are seriously hindered by the statements that they give to insurance adjusters.

Do not make that mistake. Contact an attorney at your early convenience to start your confidential consultation. An attorney could help you hold negligent parties accountable for their wrongful actions.


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