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Recovering from a jackknife accident caused by a trucker takes time. However, focusing on healing does little to prevent medical bills from piling up. Instead of worrying about finances, let a seasoned attorney hold negligent parties accountable and fight for the compensation you need. A Charleston jackknife truck accident lawyer could help you heal by taking the brunt of the legal battle on their shoulders.

Defining a Jackknife Truck Wreck

A jackknife truck accident occurs when a tractor-trailer driver overcorrects the tractor portion of the vehicle from the trailer. That causes the trailer and the tractor to bend towards each other in such a way, the tractor is no longer able to operate and an accident occurs.

One common cause of a jackknife accident includes driver inattention where the tractor-trailer driver tries to overcorrect a situation because they were not paying attention to the roadway and did not keep a proper lookout. Other causes are the driver not maintaining their vehicle in a safe manner, operating at unsafe speeds, applying the brakes to make a sudden stop, making a turn at a speed that is too fast, or trying to turn the tractor further than it should when it has a load.

Road conditions that may lead to a truck jackknife accident include inclement weather, ice or snow on the roads, or rainy roads. The surface of the road could cause a jackknife accident when it is gravel or dirt. A tractor-trailer driver has a duty to maintain their vehicle in a safe manner. When they jackknife, they did not take appropriate precautions to operate the tractor-trailer in a safe manner.

Precautions Truckers Should Take

If the weather is bad enough, a truck driver should stay off the road if possible. If that is not possible, the driver should reduce their speed to an appropriate, safe operating level and pay attention to the roads to avoid making dramatic shifts or turns with the tractor.

When possible, the driver should avoid the circumstance that makes driving a truck unsafe including the weather, the type of road surface, or choosing an alternate route. If the driver must proceed in bad weather or on a particularly dangerous road surface, they should slow the vehicle down, put on proper precautions and warnings to other drivers, and operate the tractor-trailer in a safer manner.

If a trucker has failed to uphold the duty of care they owe to other drivers, victims of a wreck should speak to a Charleston jackknife truck accident lawyer.

Effects Jackknife Wrecks Have on Other Motorists

A jackknifed truck in South Carolina is the result of a truck that was out of control when the driver did not maintain proper control of the tractor and put the vehicle in a compromised position. When a truck is out of control, it could hit other vehicles, pedestrians, motorcyclists, bike riders, and buildings. It is an unsafe condition for everyone involved. Once a truck driver loses control, the resulting accident and injuries are likely to be the fault of the tractor-trailer driver.

Speak to a Legal Representative Today

Truckers have just as much of a responsibility to you as other motorists. When these drivers forsake their obligations and cause a jackknife wreck, then you and others could be seriously harmed. If you were harmed because of a negligent trucker, then you need to reach out to a Charleston jackknife truck accident lawyer for legal help. An attorney could fight for the compensation you need while you heal and obtain peace of mind.


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