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Everyone trusts and expects that other drivers adhere to the rules of the road. However, when truck wrecks happen, it is rarely thought that exhaustion brought on by strenuous work hours could have led to the collision you or a loved one endured. Regardless of the cause of your accident, you still have legal recourse. With the help of a Charleston truck driver fatigue accident lawyer, you could receive the compensation you need to address your post-accident needs. An attorney could help determine if your wreck was caused by the negligence of another, if that negligence was caused by exhaustion, and if you have a viable claim for court.

The Danger Overtired Drivers Pose to Pedestrians and Motorists Alike

Some of the dangers of driving while overtired include poor decision-making ability and the increased likelihood of accidents. While it is obvious to any driver, whether they are a professional driver like a tractor-trailer operator with a commercial driver’s license or just a regular person driving a vehicle, when someone is tired their ability to function deteriorates significantly, their reaction time gets worse, and their ability to anticipate hazards or emergency situations becomes slower.

Fatigue is a huge factor in lots of car wrecks, especially in tractor trailer-accidents. To prevent the frequency of exhausted drivers operating on the road, there are federal rules that apply that limit the number of hours that a tractor-trailer driver could drive without adequate rest because it is well known within the industry that fatigue leads to collisions.

Examples of Wrecks Caused by Driving Fatigue

The types of wrecks caused by driver fatigue are not unlike the wrecks caused by “normal” circumstances. It could be the tractor-trailer driver fell asleep at the wheel or was not paying attention and crossing a double-yellow line into oncoming traffic. It could be the driver consistently and unknowingly increased their speed. Increased speeds could lead to increased accidents, including rear-ending into a vehicle to an exhausted driver’s immediate front.

Ultimately, there are countless ways an accident could occur. It could involve anything that would require a quick reaction time, but because of the lack of sleep or strenuous hours of work, there was a failure to act with a normal response time by that driver. Victims of these numerous types of accidents need to consider working with a Charleston truck driver fatigue accident lawyer in these cases. An attorney could work to obtain a victim’s compensation that they need for their injuries.

Leading Cause of Trucker Exhaustion in Charleston

The leading cause of driver fatigue that leads to truck accidents in Charleston is driving for excessive hours. Fatigue comes in many forms. The most basic is operating a vehicle in excess of the hours mandated by law. A trucker could be in good mental and physical health and have all the credentials required by law, but that does not prevent them from succumbing to the effects of exhaustion. Cases stemming from wrecks caused by exhaustion would likely be negligence per se and may require the legal knowledge of a Charleston truck driver fatigue accident lawyer if victims wish to recover from their collisions.

Other things that might lead to fatigue could be physical, medical, or mental conditions. Whether exhaustion was caused by diabetes, some type of medical condition, or the medication prescribed for that medication condition, drowsiness or fatigue could still be a prevalent cause of a truck wreck. There are many possibilities and combinations of possibilities that could lead to the driver being fatigued, having slower reaction times, and causing accidents.

Speak with an Experienced Attorney Immediately

The injuries you or a loved one has incurred as a result of a tractor-trailer collision are likely severe. With physical rehabilitation a likely necessity and medical bills ever gathering, it may be time to hold a negligent driver accountable. If you suspect that your wreck was caused by the inattentiveness of a trucker, exhaustion is likely a factor. Reach out to a Charleston truck driver fatigue accident lawyer immediately for a confidential consultation and to review your legal options. Call today.


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