Charleston Third-Party Liability Claims Against Crane Operators

A wide-array of construction projects use cranes. With all the construction and development in Charleston, cranes are a common sight. However, cranes in construction sites pose a risk to workers and even pedestrians who may be near a construction site.

A third-party liability claim occurs when a person suffers an injury due to crane operator’s reckless or negligent acts. In addition, a third-party liability claim may also include other parties such as a crane manufacturer.

South Carolina’s Workers’ Compensation Act section 42-1-540 may provide injured workers with a means of recovering compensation for their injuries. However, in some cases, a worker may choose to file a third-party liability claim to recover for their injuries. In other cases, a person may not be an employee on a construction site but suffered an injury due to a negligent crane operator.

If you suffered an injury due to a crane accident, contact a Charleston third-party liability claims against crane operators lawyer. A Charleston third-party liability attorney at Howell & Christmas can help you recover compensation for your injuries and determine if you have a third-party liability claim against a crane operator.

Charleston Construction Site Accidents Involving Cranes

Crane accidents happen for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is an issue with the equipment while other times it is user error. However, there are several common causes of crane accidents:

  • Lack of proper training
  • Manufacturing errors and defects
  • Falling objects

Lack of Proper Training

Operating a machine that weighs tens of thousands of pounds and is capable of moving thousands of pounds requires extensive training. However, often crane operators lack adequate training or have not completed the training necessary to work on a specific construction project.

Manufacturing Errors and Defects

Since cranes move incredibly heavy objects it is important they are properly manufactured and maintained. In addition, cranes are composed of many moving parts such as cables, pulleys, and electrical systems which are all manufactured by different companies who may not have met necessary standards.

Falling Objects

Cranes’ primary purpose is to lift heavy objects off the ground. However, in some cases, a crane may drop their load or there may be other objects that are not properly secure causing an injury when they fall.

Proving Third-Party Liability for a Crane Accident

To successfully recover compensation for a Charleston third-party liability claim against a crane operator, a person must prove that the operator is at fault. This requires a thorough review and investigation as to the cause of the accident.

For example, in a situation where a company uses a crane to install a roof, the crane operator may negligently cause an accident causing the roof to collapse on another worker from another company. That injured worker can choose to file a third-party claim against the negligent crane operator. However, anyone involved in an accident will have to prove:

  • A third-party crane operator owed a duty of care,
  • The third-party crane operator breached the duty of care,
  • The third-party crane operator’s actions were the actual and proximate cause of an injury
  • A plaintiff suffered an injury

Speak to a Charleston Third-Party Liability Claims Against Crane Operators Attorney

Charleston’s workers’ compensation system may provide injured workers’ compensation for their injuries. However, there are cases where filing a Charleston third-party liability claim against a crane operator may be more beneficial and allow an injured party to recover compensation for all their injuries.

An experienced Charleston third-party liability lawyer can discuss your case and help you determine your best options for recovering compensation. Call today for a free consultation.


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