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In recent years, numerous areas of South Carolina have fallen victim to widespread bed bug infestations, resulting in extensive physical, financial, and emotional strain those unfortunate individuals and families exposed to them. Once they get into your house, these insects can be incredibly difficult and expensive to exterminate, and their bites can sometimes result in serious illnesses that may be fatal in some instances.

If you or your loved one are dealing with bed bugs because of negligent sanitation measures in a hotel, retail store, or rented home or apartment, a Charleston bed bug injury lawyer may be able to help. Property owners have a duty to protect customers and visitors from reasonably foreseeable harm, and if their failure to do so leads to a bed bug infestation, you may have grounds for civil litigation that a premises liabililty attorney could help you pursue.

Who Could Be Liable for Bed Bug Injuries?

Since bed bugs are so common in South Carolina thanks to the region’s hot and humid climate, companies and property owners in the hospitality and retail industries need to be aware of the risk these bugs present. If a property owner fails to appropriately address a bed bug infestation after they became aware of it or reasonably should have discovered it, they could bear civil liability for any injuries suffered by renters, residents, or customers as a result.

The most common defendants named in these kinds of lawsuits are the owners and/or managers of hotels, motels, hostels, and other short-term residences meant for travelers and tourists. However, a bed bug injury attorney in Charleston may alternatively be able to help an individual afflicted with bed bugs file suit against other negligent parties, including:

  • Nursing homes and assisted living facilities with poor sanitation
  • Used furniture and/or mattress store that fail to check merchandise for infestations before sale
  • Hospitals and other medical treatment facilities with unaddressed infestations
  • Owners or landlords of residential apartments buildings
  • Military facilities with bed bug infestations in barracks or sleeping quarters

Steps to Take Before Filing Suit

Even if it seems obvious who is at fault for a bed bug infestation, it can take a lot of evidence to successfully prove liability for that infestation in civil court. Accordingly, there is a lot prospective plaintiffs should do before they start pursuing litigation over their bed bug injuries.

First and foremost, individuals with bed bug injuries should seek medical attention as soon as possible and preserve all documentation related to their treatment, as this can be critical to proving that those injuries stemmed directly from negligent exposure to bed bugs. Additionally, prospective plaintiffs should take photographs of any bites they sustained and any physical evidence of infestation they can find, such as droppings, live or dead bed bugs, and bed bug hives.

Next, it is important to file a claim with the allegedly liable hotel, retailer, or other organization, as well as to get their insurance information. Finally, bed bug injury victims in Charleston should contact a skilled lawyer for help managing their case, and they should not engage in settlement discussions or accept any settlement offer before retaining legal counsel.

Seek Help from a Charleston Bed Bug Injury Attorney

Bed bugs are a menace that must be addressed as quickly and thoroughly as possible, as even a few bugs can quickly grow into a massive, expensive, and even physically dangerous problem. If bed bugs got into your home because another individual or business did not take proper care of their own property, civil litigation may be your best option for seeking financial relief.

A Charleston bed bug injury lawyer could go over your legal options with you and help you pursue the best course of action for your unique case. Call today to learn more.


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