What Makes Charleston Motorcycle Accidents Serious

Safety is a feature that most cars, truck, and SUVs enjoy. This is not the case for bikers. What makes Charleston motorcycle accidents serious is the lack of protection that your bike offers you in the event that a motorist disregards the duty of cared owed to you on the roadways.

Thankfully, a Charleston attorney stands ready to help you recover your losses.

Differences Between Motorcycle Wrecks and Car Collisions in Charleston

What tends to make a motorcycle accident so different from an automobile accident in Charleston is that individuals on motorcycles are not protected by much. In South Carolina and in cases in the lowcountry and Charleston, any accident, whether an individual is driving in a truck, an SUV, a car, or a motorcycle, could be catastrophic. It could result in death. It could result in serious permanent injury. It could result in quadriplegia or paraplegia. It is not as though any of these accidents are less serious than others depending on the vehicle.

When an individual is on a motorcycle, they are less protected. Some wear helmets and maybe have jeans or leather pants or jacket, but they are not typically wearing heavy-duty safety gear. Even if they are, they are not surrounded the safety features that are found in a car, a truck, or an SUV.

Many times, when an accident occurs with a motorcycle, the accidents are serious. Many involve fatalities. When an individual is unprotected and riding at a high rate of speed, a crash that would not be significant for someone who has a seatbelt, for example, becomes much more significant for somebody who has no seatbelts, is not strapped in, has nothing around them to protect them from the impact, and is ejected.

Differences in Injuries Sustained for Serious Motorcycle Accidents in Charleston

With car accidents, there are significant injuries. With motorcycle accidents, there are very significant injuries, including a lot of fatalities. When it comes to insurance coverage, there are similarities. If the at-fault driver does not have enough coverage, attorneys are going to look for any type of excess coverage they may have. If they do not have that, attorneys would look to the at fault drivers’ assets. Attorneys are also going to look to the underinsured motorist coverage that would be under the motorcycle and any of the vehicles that wrongdoers may have in their homes. Any property or vehicle could be examined.

There differences in safety measures and damages suffered are blatant. One needs to look no further than out a car windshield and see a motorcyclist to understand how little is protecting that person on their bike.

How they are different is that a motorcycle is not a car. One needs to look no further than out of their windshield to see somebody on a motorcycle and how open and unprotected they are. The allure of being on a motorcycle is the freedom and openness, which is a wonderful thing until it is not. When a motorcycle accident occurs in Charleston, there is nothing present to protect a motorcyclist. There are no seatbelts, airbags, or features beyond what the cyclist chooses to wear to mitigate the injuries they often receive.

Let an Attorney Help Recover Losses

As a motorcycle accident victim, you are well acquainted with what makes Charleston motorcycle accidents serious. However, you may not be as familiar with the law which allows for victims of motorist negligence to recover their losses through a civil claim. To begin your recovery process, reach out to a lawyer today.


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