The Unique Nature of Charleston Motorcycle Accidents

Because of the unique nature of Charleston motorcycle accidents, it could behoove those involved in a wreck to partner with a dedicated motorcycle accident attorney. Dedicated help could review the facts of your case, gather evidence, and bring a claim against the irresponsible party.

What Makes Charleston Motorcycle Wrecks Unique?

Motorcycle accidents in Charleston are unique in the sense that every accident is unique. They are more likely to be catastrophic because there are no airbags or safety breakaway metal that is designed to crash effectively. There is no opportunity to do that in the design of a two-wheel vehicle that does not have anything protecting the driver and passenger.

Something that might be a minor accident like a five or 10-mile-an-hour collision in a car may not lead to any injuries. It most likely would result in injuries with a motorcycle because the person is not protected. The chances of being ejected from a motorcycle in a minor impact are very high.

When someone’s body goes up against steel, metal, or glass, the chances for injury are high. When there is an impact with another vehicle and the rider is ejected from the motorcycle, wherever they land on a body part and the position they are in could lead to serious injuries.

With these types of cases, significant injuries are commonplace. While injuries occur in car accidents and truck accidents, the majority of the motorcycle accidents result in serious injuries that are attached to the case.

How Personal Injury Attorneys Account for These Wrecks

A personal injury attorney does many things in every case. In a motorcycle accident case, the first thing is to visit the accident scene if the facts are serious enough or there is any question as to who is at fault. The attorney often photographs the intersection, skid marks, and other physical evidence that may be present. They look around for any type of cameras that captured the accident. They make requests for those recordings from various businesses. The attorney also requests bodycam footage from first responders, dash cams from the vehicles, or any other witnesses that had a dashcam in their vehicle that recorded the incident. They interview all known witnesses and try to develop other witnesses that are unknown to present a full picture of what happened. The attorney interviews the injured motorcycle driver if they are conscious. Many times, they are not conscious. Sometimes, death or brain injuries occur, or the motorcyclist is in a coma and cannot be interviewed. The attorney collects medical records and obtains pictures of the injuries.

A person involved in an accident needs to reach out to an experienced motorcycle attorney at the first opportunity. Sometimes, the motorcyclist is able to make the initial contact with an attorney. When they are deceased or incapacitated, a family member could do that. The attorney could help them work through the many issues. There may be liens at the hospital. The lawyer works with health insurance providers, contacts the at-fault driver’s insurance company, and deals with the insurance company for the motorcycle rider.

The unique nature of Charleston motorcycle accidents is that they are always complex cases. So much information needs to be identified and analyzed. The attorney needs to develop a proper plan to make the maximum recovery on behalf of the injured party or parties.

Understand the Unique Nature of Charleston Motorcycle Accident Wrecks Through an Attorney

If you are confused as to the next steps you could take to address your needs, you should speak with an attorney who understands the unique nature of Charleston motorcycle accidents. No two cases are alike. To better your odds of a favorable courtroom outcome, take the first step and speak to an attorney.


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