Steps to Take to Prevent Charleston Motorcycle Wrecks

There are a number of steps to take to prevent Charleston motorcycle wrecks, but should an accident happen to you, the most important step to take is to contact an attorney. With the right motorcycle accident attorney at your side, you could recover compensation from at-fault parties and hold them accountable for their irresponsible acts.

Protecting Passengers

The best steps that a motorcycle driver could do to protect their passenger is to give them a helmet. There are catastrophic injuries from motorcycles that range from back injuries to knee injuries, shoulder injuries—you name it; any part of the body could get hurt. There is certainly a lot of road rash, but brain injury is probably the biggest and most severe and significant injury that attorneys see in motorcycle cases.

The simple task of wearing a helmet can significantly reduce the instances of brain injury. If someone is not wearing a helmet, even a relatively soft landing on the head, can cause traumatic brain injury. We have an expert witness that we use a lot.

There are lots of things a motorcyclist can do for a rider and passengers that they have on their bike: obey the speed limit, obey the stop signs and the road signals, and obey the rules of the road. But the number one thing is giving that passenger a helmet so that they have a fighting chance if they do have an accident.

Lane Positioning for Motorcyclists

If they are driving in two or more, the driver’s manual says to stagger their positions and have somebody take the left-hand lane and the lead position and somebody in the right-hand lane in the second position and almost treat themselves patiently like they are a truck or a car, and hold that position to ride together so that they are more visible to other drivers.

Tips for Changing Lanes

With lane changing, anytime someone is on a motorcycle, the first thing they would want to do is clearly indicate what their intentions are by using either the signals on their bike and/or hand signals. The other thing is to check their mirrors and to then also give a sight check quickly and not just rely on the mirrors, because even on motorcycles, there are blind spots. They should make sure that the lane is clear before they start to make that lane change.

Avoiding Blind Spots of Other Drivers

For a car, a motorcycle, or anybody, everybody knows there are blind spots in cars, and the best thing to do is to not ride in that blind spot. If someone has driven in a car, they know where that blind spot is, and if they have driven on a motorcycle, they know where their blind spot is, so they should anticipate that other drivers may be in that position before they make a turn and they also should try to keep themselves out of that blind spot position as they drive.

If that means having to slow down the motorcycle, stay at a place where they feel like they are going to be tracked in the mirrors by the other driver, they should do that. If that means speeding up temporarily to get around them because they are in that blind spot and they do not believe they could see them, then that is important, too. Slowing down or speeding up both can be a safety precaution to avoid that blind spot issue.

Emergency Defensive Driving

When a motorcyclist is tracking and doing defense driving, it is best to keep an eye on the right-hand side of where they are driving and the left-hand side of where they are driving. If there is a wreck in front of them and they have to stop in a quick fashion, maybe they will not be able to stop in time, but what they could do is just move to the right or move to the left to avoid it.

The emergency shoulder of the road is an option, and sometimes, there is no lane of traffic to their left or some type of median or shoulder of the road that they may be able to get onto to avoid the accident. This involves using defensive driving and being aware of the situation and making sure they have several options in case something does arise in front of them.

Take Steps to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents in Charleston

If you were recently harmed in an accident and you suspect that the at-fault party did not take steps to prevent your motorcycle accident in Charleston, then you may want to talk to a dedicated attorney for legal help. With help, you could recover compensation to address your current expenses related to your crash. Call today for an initial consultation.


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