Legal Requirements for Motorcyclists in Charleston

If you disregarded the legal requirements for motorcyclists in Charleston, you may have jeopardized your legal right to seek compensation from the at-fault party that caused your wreck. Thankfully, a motorcycle accident attorney could verify if your claim stands and then produce a plan of action should you wish to seek compensation.

The Standards for Motorcyclists in Charleston

A motorcycle like any other motor vehicle on the road, must follow the rules in the South Carolina Driver’s Manual and the local ordinances and statutes passed in the municipality, town, or county in which the vehicle is traveling. In addition to these state rules, riders must also adhere to federal carrier laws.

While a motorcycle is quite different from a car, pickup truck, or sports utility vehicle and the types of damages sustained in a majority of motorcycle accidents involving another motor vehicle are substantially worse in many instances, the rules they have to follow are much the same. There may be some exceptions that motorcycles need to follow pursuant to the testing and the qualifications that are required to get a license to ride a motorcycle.

Enforcing the Rules of the Road for Bikers

The standards are enforced by law enforcement including the police department and the South Carolina Highway Patrol in the municipality, county, or city in which the parties are driving.
Buses and tractor-trailers are other categories. The Department of Transportation, highway police officers that enforce the rules for truckers specifically, and different levels of law enforcement are responsible for enforcing the rules of the road in South Carolina.

Special Training for Riders

In Charleston and South Carolina, motorcycles have their own set of rules. Even though the majority of the laws are similar or the same when someone is taking the written test, the driving test is different. When someone is getting their license for a car, they are required to parallel park, do three-point turns, and other things that show the test-giver the driver understands how to drive a vehicle.

The testing is different for motorcycles. The motorcyclist is tested on activities for balancing, maneuvering in and out of cones, and making sure they know how to operate the vehicle from a stop and from a start. Even though there are specific rules about using hand signals and broken lights, the written test is similar with some additional material. The road test is quite different for the obvious reason that someone is on a motorcycle and not in a car.

License Requirements for Motorcycles

A motorcyclist first obtains a permit that allows them to drive a motorcycle as if they have a license. After a designated period of time that is subject to change, the permit expires. During that time period, the individual is expected to learn how to drive the motorcycle, study the driver’s manual, and take the written and physical driving tests to get their permanent license.

At What Age Could Someone Apply for a Motorcycle License?

A person is able to obtain a learner’s permit for a vehicle at 15 years of age that only allows them to drive during the day. The driving age is low in South Carolina. By the age of 16, an individual can take the written and driving tests and if they pass them, they can operate any motor vehicle in South Carolina.

Limitations of a Driver’s Permit

The limitations of an instructional motorcycle permit are the same as those that apply to a beginner driver’s permit. The beginner motorcyclist is not allowed to operate their motorcycle from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. unless they are accompanied by a parent or guardian with a Class M license. There may be some type of restrictions or parameters on where they are allowed to go. The limitations are not an impediment to somebody having the full use of a motorcycle. They are expected to go on and get their permanent license, and there are penalties if they do not do that and are pulled over by the police. After a reasonable period of time with the learner’s permit, it could lead to some type of ticket or further action being taken against them.

The person begins operating a motorcycle when they obtain the beginner motorcyclist permit and once they pass the testing, provide the required documentation, and pay the associated fees, the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles will issue a motorcycle license.

Understand the Legal Requirements for Motorcyclists in Charleston with an Attorney’s Help

If you were harmed while riding on a motorcycle, compensation may be available to you through a lawsuit. However, this compensation could be barred or reduced if you did not adhere to the legal requirements for motorcyclists in Charleston. To verify if you have a claim for compensation against the party that caused your wreck, reach out to an attorney today.


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