Charleston Motorcyclist Laws

When it comes time to bring a case against the parties responsible for your injuries, attorneys turn to Charleston motorcyclist laws. These laws, in comparison with the facts of your case, could lead to a positive case result.

All that’s required of you is to reach out to a dedicated motorcycle accident lawyer who could help you make a recovery. Do not let time go to waste, the laws also allow for only so much time to pass before the statute of limitations expires.

What Traffic Laws Apply to Motorcycles?

In South Carolina and in Charleston, traffic laws apply to motorcycles just like they apply to cars. If drivers have a stop sign, so do motorcyclists. If drivers have a stop strip on the ground, so too do other vehicle operators have to stop at it. Ultimately, any rule that applies to a motor vehicle also applies to a motorbike in South Carolina.

Unique Laws for Different Vehicles

There are laws that apply to drivers of cars or trucks, but do not apply to motorcyclists. Tractor trailers have a whole list of federal and state laws that apply to them that do not necessarily apply to a motorcycle driver, to a motor vehicle driver, or to sports utility vehicle that is not the size of the truck. Motorcycles have some extra set of rules that apply to them. If their signals are broken, for example, they have to use hand signals to show if they are going right or left, stopping, or slowing down.

For the most part, globally, everyone must follow the same rules of the road. Depending on what type of vehicle someone is driving, they may have some additional rules or burdens that are placed upon them to make sure that they operate their vehicle safely.

Laws Exclusively for Bikers in Charleston

There are laws that apply exclusively to motorcycle riders in Charleston and the whole state. When they take their driving test for a motorcycle, they have a written test and they have a road test. Given that it is a two-wheel vehicle and not a four-wheel vehicle, six-wheel vehicle, or 18-wheel vehicle, there are going to be some different rules that apply. All those are contained in the South

Carolina Drivers Operators Manual

No matter what type of vehicle they are planning to drive, especially for motorcycles, there are many different ones. Some examples include using hand signals for going right, left, stopping, or slowing down if their lights are not working.

Why Should Bikers Care?

From a case standpoint, if a motorcycle in Charleston or anywhere in South Carolina is following the rules of the road and doing what they are supposed to do, it makes it very difficult for defendants to claim that the motorcycle driver is negligent, contributory, or at-fault, which is all they want to do. However, anybody could claim anything, and if it is approved is something is entirely different. If that motorcycle driver has been following the rules of the road and it is very clear from the physical evidence and from the witness interviews that they were, it makes their claim a much better claim and a much easier claim to pursue. It takes away the defendant’s potential argument that somehow the motorcycle driver was at-fault in any way.

How Seriously Do Officers Punish Motorbike Infractions?

Traffic officers enforce traffic infractions against motorcyclists seriously. They enforce the traffic laws more stringently against motorcyclists. Many times, they will be pulled over and not written a ticket, but asked basic questions about what they are doing and what they are up to. That never happens to drivers in a car in South Carolina. It is a curious thing, but it seems that for a variety of reasons, motorcycles get picked on by the driving public and even get picked on by law enforcement many times. Those codes and laws are enforced strictly on motorcycle drivers.

Learn More About Charleston Motorbike Laws

While drivers everywhere, no matter the type of vehicle, have a number of laws they must follow when operating their vehicle, there are a few specific laws that apply depending on the type of vehicle. When it comes to motorcyclists, the laws motorcyclists have to follow are not just for the safety of others, but for them too.

If you were harmed because someone neglected to conform to the state’s road laws, you should contact an attorney. Attorneys stand ready to cite Charleston motorcycle laws in court and with the goal of obtaining you the compensation you need. Call today.


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