Injuries That Can Result from Charleston Motorcycle Accidents

A core aspect of motorcycle accidents that can aggravate injuries beyond how they might be sustained in an automobile accident is a lack of protection. A pedestrian or a rider of a bicycle, motorcycle, skateboard, or any motorized vehicle does not have the protection of seatbelts, airbags, or the vehicle surrounding them to absorb the blow of the accident.

All those things being unavailable to the motorcycle driver can certainly aggravate the impact of even a low-intensity crash. Accordingly, injuries that can result from Charleston motorcycle accidents are often severe and even catastrophic in nature. To recover, reach out to an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer for help.

Common Injuries That Can Result from Motorcycle Accidents

Unfortunately, many injuries that can result from motorcycle accidents in Charleston are ultimately fatal to the rider. In many cases, the fatality stems from the motorcyclist not wearing a helmet, but sufficient head trauma can sometimes result in a rider’s death even with a helmet.

Many times, when an accident occurs, a motorcyclist is thrown from their motorcycle several feet. Sometimes they hit a pole or trees, or they may go across the road and get hit by another vehicle. Regardless of the specific circumstances, fatalities are unfortunately very common in these types of accidents, but many other types of injuries occur as well even to riders who survive their wreck.
Many times, a motorcycle crash results in a brain injury so severe that it can affect the motorcyclist’s ability to use their hands or legs. It can also damage their short-term memory retention, long-term memory retention, their ability to multitask, and their ability to concentrate. There is nothing minor about a head injury any time one happens.

Motorcycle accidents may also cause spinal injuries, road rash, and severe damage to the hands, feet, legs, knee, and shoulders. Any time a rider ends up making contact with other vehicles in the roadway or objects on the side of the roadway, the resulting injuries are usually quite serious and brutal.

Calculating the Short-Term and Long-Term Impact of Motorcycle Accidents

There are a lot of tools that attorneys use to quantify the impact of injuries in a Charleston motorcycle crash. When it comes to the medical bills and treatment a wreck necessitates, a lawyer could gather all medical bills, help the motorcyclist get to the right expert or experts, and make sure there is a full diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment plan for the full scope of their injuries. For instance, if a rider’s knee, hand, and shoulder are all injured, they do not want to just have one opinion from a knee doctor—they need to get opinions from medical experts for all their injured body parts.

With those opinions, a lawyer could work to establish how permanent impairments are, any permanent work restrictions, and the future medical care and treatment an accident victim will likely need. In addition to seeking damages for past medical costs, they could go to a life care planner who could estimate what it will likely cost a motorcyclist in the future to live a relatively normal life with their newfound medical conditions and medications.

Regarding lost wages, legal counsel may seek information from the Department of Employment, as well as an injured party’s personnel file from their employer, to quantify what the victim’s average yearly earnings were. If the victim is not able to return to work, their attorney could not only quantify what their immediate losses were, but project them out into the future with the help of an economist, in order to figure out what the total loss is going to be for the motorcyclist.

If an injured motorcyclist is married, there may also be a claim for what is called a loss of consortium or loss of services. This refers to damages that the spouse will have because the motorcyclist is no longer able to do household chores, whether those entails doing the dishes, painting the house, mowing the grass, or anything else the person used to do. If the other partner has to pick up the slack or they have to hire outside services in order to have those services performed, those could certainly equate to damages as well.

Learn More About Charleston Motorcycle Accident Injuries from a Qualified Attorney

The various injuries that could result from a motorcycle accident in Charleston may result in a number of different economic and non-economic losses. Effectively pursuing recovery for all these damages requires a thorough understanding of the injuries a crash victim suffers, as well as both the short-term and long-term effects those injuries might have. To discuss what damages may be recoverable in your situation, call today to speak with a knowledgeable motorbike wreck lawyer.


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