The Impact of a Recalled Charleston Motorcycle Product

When the impact of a recalled Charleston motorcycle product causes a rider harm, that victim is often left facing a series of expenses relating to their injuries. This is wholeheartedly unfair when the manufacturer was liable for not notifying the public.

If you have been harmed because of a company’s negligence, then you need to reach out to an attorney who could help you hold that negligent party accountable.

How Do Recalled Products Affect a Case If They Cause Harm?

A person using a product before a recall is announced changes cases significantly. With a recall, one good argument the defense could make is that they issued a recall to replace or repair the defective product. If somebody did not make the fix, they are at fault to some degree.

If someone is completely unaware of the defect because the company did not issue a recall or inform the public that there was a problem that needed to be fixed, that strengthens the plaintiff’s argument. How does can someone possibly know something when they are not sophisticated, do not know the product, and the manufacturer or designer of the product never put them on notice that they needed to get something fixed?

What If Someone Knows About a Recalled Part But Is Still Harmed?

When a recall is announced and someone is injured on the day it was announced, the recall does not have much impact because there is no reasonable time for that person to mitigate their damage.

If the recall is issued today and a year from now, an individual has done nothing to fix the defect and they are injured by the defect, that strengthens the argument on the part of the manufacturer. The injured party is to some degree at fault for neglecting their responsibility to have the fix performed on the product when they knew or should have known that there was a defect and a recall that required them to take them in to make the necessary repairs.

Receiving Recall-Related News in Charleston

There are websites and different federal and state agencies that may issue information about a recall. Most people hear about recalls through the radio, television, and print, on social media, or through an in-store poster. If the story is big enough, that may translate into word of mouth where people talk about the recall like the airbag situation. It becomes viral in a sense and gets the information out in other ways.

There are many different ways, not one specific way. The method that is most effective and actually reaches most lay people who are not inside the industry is through the media, the news, and social media.

Are Product Producers Required to Notify Consumers of Recalls?

Recalls are based on federal and state laws, not local laws. Federal and/or state laws identify the rules for recalls, the requirements of the manufacturer, and what the consumer is supposed to do. To some extent, it is probably uniform in terms of what is done federally across the country and in some respects, probably different in all 50 states as well.

A recall is something one should talk to an experienced lawyer about to investigate and understand the rules and regulations that are to be followed by both sides.

Protect Against the Impact of Charleston Motorbike Product Defects

When you are injured in a motorcycle accident and were unaware of existing defects or recalls on the bike in Charleston, you need to contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney who could look at the facts of their case. Attorneys could review the laws, statutes, ordinances, customs, or dealings associated with the recall. They could identify the type of recall, manufacturer warnings, and statements made public to make an assessment of the strength of the case based on all the facts.

The impact of a recalled Charleston motorcycle product could be reduced with the right legal help. Call today to set up an initial consultation.




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