First Steps to Take Following a Charleston Motorcycle Defect Wreck

Among the first steps to take following a Charleston motorcycle defect wreck, contacting a dedicated legal professional with defective product experience is perhaps the more important. If you are interested in seeking legal recovery, then you should reach out to an attorney today.

Important Steps Following a Motorcycle Wreck in Charleston

In Charleston, the most important things to do immediately following a motorcycle accident, and any type of accident, is get medical treatment immediately for whatever injury/injuries victims have and if they are physically able. Often, the accidents are fatal, because they are not protected when riding a motorcycle. Equally often, there are serious injuries because bikers do not have airbags or metal and steel around them to help protect them when the collision occurs.

Other important things to do if victims are physically able is to take photographs of the vehicles and of their motorcycle, talk to any witnesses, and obtain telephone numbers, addresses, and names of witnesses. They should get insurance information from the other driver/drivers that were involved in the accident. What they are doing is trying to gather the very basic evidence. They may photograph the road if there are skid marks. They may photograph the intersection. Anything they could do to gather evidence at that accident scene is useful, because once that scene is cleaned up that evidence has disappeared. Many times with motorcycle accidents and car wrecks too, the person has been injured so severely that they do not have the opportunity to do those things. The primary thing they want to do is make sure they take care of themselves medically and that they do not do anything to further injure themselves. If they need to wait there for EMS (Emergency Medical Services) or some other assistance to come and help them, then that is the first thing they should do.

Congested Roadways and Defective Motorcycle’s

There are many concerns with motorcycle accidents caused by defective parts that take place on roads that receive high volumes of driver traffic. First and foremost, it is always been dangerous to drive a motorcycle.

Often somebody is not paying attention, switching a lane improperly and almost knocking the motorcycle off the road, or making a left-hand turn in front of them. Nowadays, as this state has grown and the metropolitan areas, like Charleston, Columbia, and Greenville, have hundreds of thousands of people all packed into a dense space, the state has done a very poor job of keeping up with the infrastructure. The roads that exist are beat up, battered, and not in good shape.

Even repairing the roads or expanding them to have more lanes of traffic does not exist. For example, on I-95, the main artery going north and south through the state, there are only two lanes in each direction, whereas every other state has three, four, five, and six lanes. It is the same with I-26 and I-77. There are a few areas in which it expands to three or four lanes with the majority of travel between the major cities on two lanes in each direction. What has happened is with the population growth, which has been an explosion over the last 20 years, and even more so in the last 10 years, there is much more traffic on the road. If there are accidents, the chance of serious injury or fatality is even greater. The initial impact is problematic alone and many times leads to death or significant injury.

Take the Initial Steps Following a Charleston Motorcycle Defect Wreck

If you have been injured because a motorcycle’s defect caused you serious harm, then you need to take the first steps following a Charleston motorcycle defect wreck. The steps include contacting a dedicated attorney who could help you make a swift legal recovery.


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