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If you or a loved one’s infant has been seriously injured or their injuries resulted in death from a birth trauma, a compassionate Charleston birth injury lawyer can help. Birth trauma can be one of the most devastating types of injury that a family can suffer. The health of an infant is fragile and families justifiably rely upon their obstetrician to recognize birth injury risk factors and safely deliver their child. An expert personal injury attorney can assist an individual in maximizing the damages they may be entitled to from their birth injury case. Read on to learn more about how these cases come about, as well as the ways a determined Charleston birth injury lawyer can make a difference for your family.

Potential Consequences

Failure to recognize and address medical malpractice risk factors can lead to severe physical and mental injuries to an infant, including but not limited to damages in the following areas:

  • Peripheral nerve
  • Cranial nerve
  • Brain and hypoxia
  • Spinal cord
  • Bones

Modern advances in medicine such as fetal monitoring and ultrasonography that are used prior to the obstetrician’s attempt to perform a vaginal delivery have given obstetricians better tools to identify and avoid the risk factors of birth trauma. Furthermore, the use of cesarean delivery has significantly reduced the need for the use of medical instruments that have been known to cause harm to infants during the delivery process such as vacuum extractors and forceps.

Recovering Compensation

When an infant sustains birth injuries because of the negligence of an obstetrician, a family has the right to bring a case to recover compensation for the damages caused by the doctor’s neglect. The damages in these cases can be catastrophic in that mistakes made by the specialist may cause death or medical conditions that will require expensive medical treatment including, but not limited to, surgeries, physical and psychological therapy and rehabilitation, home nursing, and other healthcare. In some cases, this medical care will be needed for the entire life of the infant, and a life care plan will need to be prepared to determine the amount of compensation that will be necessary in order to maintain the infant over their lifetime. In addition to these damages, families may also be able to recover compensation for pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and their infant’s lost future wages. A knowledgeable Charleston birth injury lawyer can help an individual in recovering these damages.

Legal Claims Available After a Charleston Birth Injury

If the parents suspect that something has gone wrong, they should seek legal counsel. Legal counsel can help them gather evidence including the medical records from the hospital. They can also help take those records and find the right type of experts to evaluate the records and help make a determination of whether medical malpractice has occurred. Malpractice can take place either through the negligent acts of the medical professionals involved or by an act of omission where they fail to perform a necessary act they should have done. The best thing that the parents can do is to get assistance because these claims are quite complex. The medical field is quite complicated and the legal issues in these cases are very difficult, so getting somebody that has experience in handling that type of case is really critical in helping to make a determination if malpractice has occurred and if it has occurred, what type of damages can be recovered on behalf of the family and the baby.

Reaching Out to an Experienced Charleston Birth Injury Lawyer

A professional Charleston birth injury lawyer can offer assistance in answering your legal questions, helping to gather evidence critical to your case, and interviewing significant witnesses who can offer testimony to your child’s negligent delivery. If you believe your baby has suffered due to an incorrect delivery process, contact a reliable Charleston birth injury lawyer today to receive counsel on the next best steps to take towards maximizing your recovery.


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