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Often originating off the coast of Africa or in the Caribbean, hurricanes often strike the East Coast of the United States, as well as the Gulf Coast. Packing winds often in excess of 75 miles-per-hour, hurricanes bring high winds and heavy rains, which often cause devastating floods, tornadoes, and even landslides.

If your property was damaged by a hurricane and the insurance company refuses to pay, you may need legal assistance. With the help of a Charleston hurricane insurance claims denials lawyer, property owners may be able to hold insurance companies to their contract and pay the benefits they promised to pay.

The Purpose of Hurricane Insurance

South Carolina is especially prone to hurricanes. When a hurricane strikes such a populated area, the outcome has the potential to be disastrous with extensive amounts of property destroyed and lives lost.

Fortunately, hurricane insurance allows citizens to rebuild after a storm. The damage caused by such powerful meteorological events could cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair, and without insurance, homeowners would be left to pick up the tab on their own.

High winds could strip siding, blow out windows, and in the worst cases, cause complete structural failure. Flooding often leaves the interior of a building completely unusable, along with any items inside. Vehicles and other buildings on a property may also sustain irreparable damage from the winds and water. With the funds provided by insurance, people could regard many of these losses as repairable.

However, when an insurance company does not pay what they are contracted to, that may constitute a civil claim against the insurance provider. With the help of a Charleston hurricane insurance claims denial lawyer, this could be done.

Common Storm Damages

When a hurricane strikes, property owners are most likely to experience the following:

  • Foundational and structural damage
  • Crops and livestock damage
  • Loss of business income
  • Additional living expenses (if home is not suitable for habitation)
  • Water damage

Bad Faith

After a storm, many people turn to their insurance policy for reimbursement. Unfortunately, taking advantage of insurance benefits is often easier said than done, and even when a policy is relatively uncomplicated, insurance companies could find a way to delay, deny, or underpay their policyholders.

When an insurance company behaves in such a manner, they are said to be engaging in “bad faith”. In other words, they are not adhering to their half of the contract (policy). Insurance companies often attempt to deny claims for the following reasons:

  • Damage is merely cosmetic
  • Damage is caused by everyday wear and tear
  • Damage occurred in a previous year
  • Claimant failed to pay premium on time
  • Damage was caused by a flood, not the actual storm

When a hurricane misses a city or geographic area, insurers often attempt to prove the hurricane itself did not cause the damage. This is unfair, and if an insurance company makes such claims, a policyholder should retain the services of a Charleston hurricane insurance claims denials lawyer.

Speak to a Charleston Hurricane Insurance Claims Denials Lawyer

If your insurance company continues to deny your claim in the wake of a hurricane, you may be able to fight back and obtain the benefits you deserve. No one should have to pay for insurance benefits they cannot use in an emergency, and insurance companies who engage in bad faith should be held liable for their behavior.

Speak to a Charleston hurricane insurance claims denials lawyer to get additional information.


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