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Charleston law defines a side impact collision as an accident that occurs when a vehicle gets hit by another car and impacts on the driver’s front-side, the driver’s rear passenger side, or any of the four doors or four panels on the car on either side. If you were involved in such a crash, reach out to a Charleston side impact collision lawyer. An accomplished attorney could fight tirelessly for you.

Common Fact Patterns in Side-Impact Accidents

Side-impact accidents typically occur as someone is pulling out of an intersection. When a person pulls out of an intersection, they may often be found at fault for failure to yield the right-of-way. This analysis could be wrong since the car that hit them may have either ran a red light or went through a yellow light across the stop strip without proceeding into the intersection. The car that hits or makes the side-impact could be speeding or engaged in other illegal activities while driving. Such behavior could place the fault on the negligent or reckless driver.

First Steps a Person Should Take when Involved in a Broadside Crash

After the initial wreck, the person should wait for EMS to take them from the accident scene to the emergency room at the hospital if they are injured. If their injuries are not serious enough to be taken by EMS, they could benefit from getting out of the car and photographing the vehicles and the intersection. Individuals are recommended to document the other driver’s information. This could include their name, address, and insurance information.

Individuals could also get a copy of the other driver’s license plate. If there are witnesses that are in the area or stop to help out, a person could collect their names and phone numbers. The witness could be called if it is disputed as to who is at fault for the accident down the road. The witnesses could be interviewed and put under oath to testify if needed to corroborate the plaintiff’s side of the story. A side impact collision attorney in Charleston could use the witness and driver information, photographs, and any license plate copies to build a plaintiff’s injury case.

Common Injuries and Vehicle Damages that may Result from a T-Bone Wreck

Side-impact collisions could lead to neck and back injuries. Any time a person’s body gets struck with the force from an impact that knocks them over the line and out of normal position, the impact could be deep enough to cause injuries. The left side of the driver’s body could suffer extensive damages. This may include their arm, head, or leg. If the plaintiff was the passenger, it could be their right arm, hip, or leg.

Head injuries may also occur following a crash. Traumatic brain injury may occur even if the person was wearing a seat belt. A side-impact collision may jerk a plaintiff’s body in one direction and back towards the other where their head strikes the window of the car, hits the beam above the window, or has a serious whiplash effect that injures the neck and the thoracic spine. If the impact is deep enough, the person could suffer further serious injuries if they were moved across their entire vehicle, out of their seat, and into the other side of the car.

Damages a Plaintiff Could Recover Following a Car Accident

A person could pursue reimbursement for the medical bills or any treatment that they undergo for the accident injuries they sustained. They may also be entitled to past medical treatment or future medical treatment. If they are unable to return to work, plaintiffs could move for any kind of future wage loss.

Past and Future Pain

Any type of past and future pain and suffering or loss of enjoyment to life that was caused by the side impact collision injuries could be pursued by a Charleston attorney. This could cover a short period of time, days, weeks, months, or permanently. A plaintiff’s significant others could file for loss of consortium if they were required to assume responsibilities for services around the home the injured person originally took care of.

Coverage for Medical Costs and Lost Wages

Compensation for medical treatment could be filed for injuries that weeks, months, or even years after an accident. A person could pursue medical coverage for their lifetime if treatment must continue such a length. Damages may include lost wages if they are unable to return to work for a temporary or extended period of time in their life.

Property damage

If the plaintiff suffered from any type of property loss inside their vehicle, which could include a ruined laptop, it may also be covered. The person could also be entitled to recover damage to the vehicle.

Speak to a Charleston Side Impact Collisions Accident Lawyer

The type of accident or injury a person was involved in could entitle them to an assortment of damages. Plaintiffs are recommended to consult a Charleston side impact collisions accident lawyer to build and pursue their injury claim while they tend to their health. Call today and speak to a knowledgeable attorney about your rights and legal options.


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