Charleston Car Accident Settlement Process

Driving on the road comes with inherent dangers. However, many people do not suspect that others regard those hazards less important than they do. When accidents occur because of another person’s roadway negligence, you may wonder what legal options you have against that wrongdoer. Unfortunately, litigations often take time and effort to prove a case in court. When this happens, a trial may not be the most favorable outcome for you. As a result, hiring an attorney who is familiar with the Charleston car accident settlement process could help you recover the compensation you need without having to go through extensive courtroom litigations. A skilled car wreck lawyer could fight for you during settlement negotiations. Call today.

Negotiating a Car Wreck Settlement

One of the most significant factors in the Charleston car accident settlement process is a negotiation. After the injured person has made it to suitable recovery and seems to have made all of the progress they might make, it is essential to gather up all of the damages and see whether any factors aggravate the liability in the case. Was a drunk driver involved? Was somebody texting while driving? Was there egregious conduct on the part of the defendant in the case? Those are questions that need to be answered. It is also vital to conduct jury verdict research to get an understanding of the amount awarded in similar cases. Once this is done, attorneys make a demand for payment to the insurance company, and negotiation begins.

Negotiations may be done by the parties alone or through mediation. Mediation is when all parties meet physically in the same building and hire a neutral mediator who acts as a liaison between the two different parties with demands and counter-offers for settlement until, hopefully, the case is resolved. In any case, an agreement that has been reached through any negotiation style gets memorialized in documentation that lays out the terms of the settlement. This effectively ends or closes the case. However, if the two sides cannot reach an agreement, the case is taken before either a jury, the Department of Labor, a judge, or a commission, depending on the nature of the case.

The Time it Takes to Receive a Settlement

With some lawyers, there are protocols that could try to expedite the time it takes to receive payment after a case has been settled. This often involves a written agreement that the insurance company must have the settlement checks within seven business days. Some cases take weeks or months before the plaintiff receives payment, but it is best to try to work a short time-frame into the settlement agreement so that the insurance company does not delay.

How Victims Could Take to Help Receive Settlements Quickly

Every case is different, and some cases may include technicalities that prolong the payment of a settlement. However, a person should try to get a reasonable deadline for payment written into the settlement agreement at the negotiation table if possible. Often, attorneys try to have insurance companies agree to a seven-day deadline for settlements.

How a Car Accident Attorney Could Help Settle Claims

There are many ways in which a car accident attorney could be beneficial to someone hoping to settle a case. An experienced attorney could work to calculate all losses and investigate the accident so that there are no discrepancies about liability when it comes time for settlement negotiations. To bolster the chances of settlement agreeableness, an attorney could research similar cases to determine how those events settled and for what amount.

Additionally, lawyers may have a history with the insurance companies, adjusters, or with the opposing law firms depending on the case. They may know the personalities involved, the tactics to expect, and have an understanding regarding which judge or judges would be more open to hearing the case. This could be used as leverage if the case does not settle. An experienced lawyer may be able to catch certain twists of language the insurance companies sometimes include in settlement documentation. Using their experience, they could protect the interests of the injured party and ensure that the documentation does not include anything that has not been agreed upon.

Contact an Attorney About the Charleston Car Wreck Settlement Process

A car accident is something nobody expects to happen to them. When negligent drivers take to the road and cause you injury, you may have legal recourse against them. However, in some cases, large insurance companies with experience dealing with a victim’s claim could make trial near impossible. When this happens, it may be best to retain the service of a skilled attorney familiar with the Charleston car accident settlement process.

A lawyer could gather evidence, compile a case for compensation, and negotiate with defense attorneys so that victims could obtain a more favorable outcome. Reaching this possible outcome requires taking the first step. Reach out to a lawyer today.


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