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As defined by Charleston law, a rollover accident occurs when any type of vehicle flips onto its side or roof. Rollover collision cases typically involve some type of van, extended van, or SUV. Such vehicles may have a high risk of rolling over on impact at any given speed while operating. Individuals that were injured in such a crash are recommended to consult a Charleston rollover accident lawyer. A well-versed car accident attorney could fight tirelessly on your case to help you recover damages.

Manufacturing and Maintenance Issues

Rollovers are commonly caused by the seriousness of the accident itself. While vehicle manufacturing defects typically do not cause such a wreck, they may lead to such a crash in an indirect manner. Certain defects could make a vehicle more prone to a rollover when impacted at speed. Even if the vehicle was designed properly and manufactured appropriately, there may be a failure to warn the individual using the vehicle of the high risk of a rollover. Maintenance issues could be a fact pattern if the car was not properly serviced. A potentially minor accident could turn into a major crash if a vehicle loses its balance and rolls over.

Serious Impact of Rollover Collisions

The biggest difference between rollover accidents and other accidents in any vehicle could lead to serious permanent injury. This could include vans, sport utility vehicles, tractor-trailers, and motorcycles. The chances of being thrown about the vehicle, into the sides of the vehicle, or hitting the roof of the vehicle could increase tremendously when the vehicle rolls over or flips over. This could be true even if a passenger or driver is wearing their seat-belts. Whenever a person hits against the roof, the side, or the backseat of a vehicle one or more times, there could be a greater chance of having some type of serious injury. Damages may include brain injuries, neck injuries, or back injuries. While the likelihood of an injury to any part of the body may increase significantly, the magnitude of rollover crashes could also increase the seriousness of damages.

Collecting Evidence Following a Crash

Following a wreck, the person may not be in a position to document a rollover accident if they suffered serious injuries. Individuals may be taken away by an ambulance to the hospital because of a medical emergency.

If a plaintiff is unable to collect evidence, their family member could reach out to an experienced rollover accident attorney in Charleston for help. A lawyer could assist with preserving the evidence from the case, identifying and interviewing the witnesses. Attorneys could also help with making deals with the police officers, the EMS, and the witnesses to the accident. A lawyer could develop crucial reconstruction evidence or skid marks with gauge marks in the pavement, documenting everything that occurred in the accident while the evidence is fresh and unaltered. If evidence is not collected on time, it could negatively impact a person’s ability to make recovery in their injury case.

A Charleston Rollover Accident Attorney Could Help

A Charleston rollover accident lawyer could assist injured individuals with gathering and preserving the evidence. Lawyers could hire the appropriate experts to align the evidence and to document the opinions that show where the other was negligent or reckless. In some cases, intentional negligence may have caused the condition that led to the rollover and to the injuries.

A person’s legal counsel could also help quantify and add up the damages that have occurred and link the liability to who the at-fault or responsible party. This step is called causation. Let a tenacious attorney put all the facts of your case together to help y0u pursue proper recovery for the damages and the injury in your claim.


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