Preventing Bad Weather Accidents in Charleston

While commuting is a potentially unavoidable part of daily life, unsafe weather could lead cause unexpected and disastrous car crashes. While preventing bad weather accidents in Charleston is ideal, a person that was involved in such a crash could speak to a diligent attorney. An experienced car accident lawyer could help injured individuals learn their rights and legal options. Call today and set up a consultation with a seasoned attorney.

How Many Accidents Are Caused by Bad Weather?

Charleston roads are susceptible to specific effects of bad weather. Charleston’s low line coastal area is prone to flooding and other specific issues when it rains. Any time there is rain, there may be a likelihood of car accidents all over the Tri-County area. The flooding could be exacerbated if there is a full moon, high tides, and a large amount of rain. Accidents could occur if drivers do not appreciate the danger and the risks of such a situation. Unfortunately, drivers might slam on the brakes or try to make an improper lane change to avoid water on the road. Drivers should be cautious and drive slower than usual when driving through the rain. Understanding this could help with preventing bad weather accidents in Charleston.

Commuting on Snow Days in Charleston

Since South Carolina does not see many snow days, it does not maintain the necessary budget to maintain snow equipment. The county does not have enough vehicles to lay salt to ice bridges and even the smallest amount of snow could affect the driving condition. Charleston drivers that are not experienced in the snow are recommended to stay at home to prevent bad weather accidents. If they choose to drive in such conditions, they need to understand that their inability to properly maintain their vehicle could lead to them being found at fault and responsible if an accident occurs.

Warning Signs of Unsafe Driving Conditions

Aside from the more obvious signs of rain or a little snow on the ground, drivers are recommended to watch out for bad weather threatening the area. Recommended or mandatory evacuations could occur if torrential rains, snow, hurricanes, or other events threaten the area. It is prudent for any driver to understand the weather conditions and potential for more traffic on the roads before they get on the road. People in Charleston should proceed with the proper caution and understanding of the potential risks of bad weather conditions as they operate their vehicle to prevent accidents.

Steps a Person Should Take for Preventing Bad Weather Accidents in Charleston

Drivers should use common sense when on the road. If there is a weather event, the drivers could benefit from:

  • Slowing down
  • Taking precaution by only going as fast as appropriate to maintain the vehicle for the condition
  • Turning on running lights
  • Using special lights for the fog
  • Maintaining good visuals of the road
  • Being alert of other drivers

Contingent upon the weather situation that they are in, there may be a myriad of ways a person could take precaution and extra care. Since a wreck injury could range from minor to catastrophic, individuals may benefit from learning these poor weather safety skills.

How a Charleston Lawyer Could Help

A lawyer could help a person that was involved in an accident by developing, gathering, helping analyze, and putting that evidence in a light most favorable to them. This could occur through interviewing witnesses, doing research with the National Weather Service, and looking for or requesting video from the Department of Motor Vehicles and from private businesses that may have videos of the event. An attorney could do a complete investigation to see what may potentially be out there and methodically go through each of those possible forms of evidence to gather whatever they could to help prove the case. For more information about preventing bad weather accidents in Charleston, contact a lawyer today.


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