Expert Witnesses in Charleston Car Accident Cases

If you were harmed by a careless driver and suffered injuries because of that driver’s negligence, you need to consider working with an attorney. Experienced counsel could use expert witnesses in Charleston for car accident cases and work toward obtaining the right and just compensation you need for your injuries. Reach out to start your personal injury claim.

Who Qualifies as an Expert Witness in Charleston

By Charleston’s standards, expert witnesses are those that by their training, experience, and expertise have special knowledge that a layperson would not have. An example of a lay-witness would be somebody that witnessed the accident. A good example of an expert is any doctor that treats the injured party or the plaintiff.

They are considered an expert because they have sufficiently fulfilled education and certification requirements. Then, they practiced in that area for many years, seeing many patients and providing opinions in many cases. An expert witness is somebody that brings all those abilities, skills, and background. They have to be qualified as an expert to give that expert opinion. An opinion from a lay-witness could be just as powerful as expert opinion, but many times somebody that has the expertise, the background, the skill, and the knowhow is a more credible witness to the jury and the jury tends to listen and pay attention to them a more than others.

In terms of proving the case as a plaintiff, they have the burden of proof. Lay-witnesses help them prove liability in many cases and could help them with their damages. Somebody close to a victim could attest to the changes in lifestyle that someone has undergone against their will.

To prove that the damages a victim sustained were caused by the behavior of a wrongdoer, expert witnesses are used. For example, a medical expert could offer an opinion to a reasonable degree of medical certainty that the injuries and the damages that result from it were caused by or aggravated by the accident. Many cases have expert witnesses, whether it is an accident reconstructionist or a police officer trained on accident reconstruction to help demonstrate to the jury why not only the damages were caused by that, but that the defendant was at fault for the accident, causing those damages.

Minimum Requirements for Expert Witnesses

Someone becomes an expert witness by having some level of credibility and understanding that the so-called expert is testifying to is something that is reliable. There are some outlined rules in what would qualify somebody or disqualify them. There is a test that gets applied to whether or not the credentials for the person rise to the level of making them an expert and whether the opinions that they are giving have been tested or peer-reviewed in many instances by other colleagues, especially the methodology that they are using to reach their conclusions.

For example, a mechanic who has no education, but who has been a mechanic for a number of years, could be qualified as an expert. They should be regarded as such because they are familiar with cars, they know how to make repairs, and by their training and experience, they have risen to a level of expertise that is worthy of the court and the jury’s time in understanding the case.

Many times the credentials that are going to be needed include an educational background or board certification. Lawyers often take their expert and qualify them with the court as an expert before they elicit their testimony. Once they have qualified them as an expert, they are allowed to provide expert testimony to the fact-finder or to the jury.

Types of Experts Used by Charleston Car Wreck Attorneys

There are many types of expert witnesses that Charleston car accident attorneys might use. The ones seen most often are going to be on the liability side, like engineers or accident reconstructionists, that could help determine what happened at the accident scene. Those are the two seen the most.

With regards to damages, doctors are going to be the star witnesses and experts, because they are the ones that treat the injured party, diagnose their medical conditions and injuries, provide the treatment plan, execute the treatment plan, and give the final opinions when an injured party reaches maximum medical improvement with regard to their impairment, work restrictions, future medical care, and treatment.

It may involve working with an economist to prove future wage loss, working with medical cost projected specialists to determine what future medical costs might be, working with life care planners for somebody with a catastrophic injury, working with videographers on day-in-the-life videos for people that are catastrophically injured, and working with vocational experts to help determine whether the injured party could return to work at any capacity or none at all and whether they have sustained partial wage loss or total wage loss.

Those are the experts seen over and over. Different types of specialists include radiologists when it comes to the MRI or CT-scans and movement specialists to help determine what type of force went through the vehicle and through the injured party’s body. The type of expert needed depends on the type of case.

Work with an Attorney Who Could Use Charleston Expert Witnesses

Expert witnesses in Charleston car accident cases are commonly used to validate claims made by victims like you in court. If you were seriously injured, choosing to work with an attorney who could rely on experts could prove beneficial. Reach out to an attorney today to start your car accident claim against a negligent party.


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