Sharing the Road with Bicyclists in Charleston

Drivers owe everyone a duty of care when getting behind the wheel of a car. This includes other motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Drivers are to always maintain this duty when driving alongside a bicyclist considering the lack of protection afforded to the in the event of a collision. They should also remember that bicyclists are entitled to be on the road just as much as cars do.

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How Should Bicyclists Behave when Riding with Other Vehicles on the Road?

Bicycles are allowed on the road and are to stay as far right as possible. Bicyclists are to try not to impede or block traffic, but they undoubtedly have the right to be on the road just as much as vehicles do. However, bicyclists do have certain laws pertaining to how fast they should travel under certain weather conditions, the amount of caution should be should to pedestrians, and limiting distractions. As a result, bicyclists looking to ride on public roadways should take the time to familiarize themselves on the rules of the road.

Which Side of the Road Should Bicyclists Ride On?

Bicyclists are recommended to travel in the same direction as traffic. Though this is mandated by law, it could be rather dangerous to do so. There have been many cases where a driver traveling alongside or behind a cyclist is inattentive and swerves and strikes the cyclists. As a result, some cyclists have taken it upon themselves to travel in the opposite direction of traffic whenever possible to see what is coming their way. However, the rules of the road dictates that cyclists should be traveling in the same direction as traffic.

Can Bicyclists Take Up a Whole Lane of Traffic?

As mentioned before, cyclists have a right to be on the road just as much as cars do. However, it is rare that a cyclist will ride in the middle lane of the road since they will be slowing down traffic and putting themselves in harm’s way if they choose to do so. Just like vehicles in the highway will switch lanes to allow a car traveling at a higher speed pass them by, bicyclists are also recommended to do the same. However, for city streets and residential roads, cyclists are not necessarily required to move over for a vehicle.

When are Motorists Required to Yield to Bikes and Vice Versa?

Just like vehicles owe other vehicles a right of way when applicable, they also owe the same type of yield to a cyclist. If they are at an intersection and they see a cyclist approaching an intersection, vehicles are supposed to give them the right of way. This is because bicycles have no protection in the event of the collision. As a result, drivers are required to exercise due care when driving in the same vicinity as a cyclist. This not only applied to areas where drivers would yield the right of way to cyclists, but also when driving alongside them by lowering their speed and keeping a proper look out.

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When bicyclists enter onto a roadway, they expect motorists to share the road with them. Unfortunately, some motorists do not recognize that they owe cyclists a duty of care and an accident may result. Individuals who have suffered injuries as a result of this neglect should speak with an attorney to learn more about their options.

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