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Charleston Lawyers Want You To Be Aware Of The Most Common Causes Of Automobile Accidents

Charleston Lawyers Want You To Be Aware Of The Most Common Causes Of Automobile Accidents

As accident attorneys in South Carolina, we come across automobile accidents resulting from many different factors. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently produced a list of the six most common causes of automobile accidents.

1. Distracted Drivers: According to the American Automobile Association, somewhere between 25 and 50 percent of all automobile crashes in the United States are a result of distracted driving. “Rubbernecking”–or slowing down to stare at another accident is the most common cause, but others include looking at scenery, other passengers, adjusting the radio, and using hand-held devices such as cell phones. 2. Driver Fatigue: According to the United States National Traffic Safety Administration, fatigued drivers cause about 100,000 accidents every year in the U.S. The risk for these types of accidents tends to be highest between 11 p.m. and 8 a.m., but they can happen at any time.

3. Drunk Driving: The only way to prevent causing this type of accident is to avoid drinking and driving. If you know you will be in a situation that will involve alcohol, it is important to choose a designated driver in advance.

4. Speeding: Speeding increases the risk of crashing and makes the crash more severe if it does occur. Obeying posted speed limits can be a significant factor in making our roads safer.

5. Aggressive Driving: An aggressive driver is someone who operates a motor vehicle in a bold or pushy manner, without regard for the safety of other drivers. If you come across an aggressive driver, it is important to protect yourself by keeping your distance and remaining calm.

6. Weather: Weather conditions, such as heavy rainfall, hail, snowstorms, ice, strong winds and fog cause many automobile accidents, so one should always be extra cautious when driving in these types of conditions.

Each of these conditions may cause dangerous and even fatal car or truck accidents. As a driver, it is important that you stay alert and aware of your surroundings while driving and that you take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of your passengers and those in cars around you.

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